Stoopid People

Okay, my focus for today - - more stoopid people. I do actually know how to spell stupid, but these people breach the normal realm of stupid to become "Stoopid".

So in the course of a normal day, I arrive to work between 8:15 & 8:30 AM... I'm supposed to be here at 8:30 so I'm ahead of schedule. I take a 1/2 hour lunch usually two days a week, and skip lunch the rest of the time because I am too damn busy to eat. I'll stay at work until 7:30 most days, but there are times I'm here as late as 9:00 or 10:00 PM. Part of the long days is I only work four days a week, but if you count it up, I'm still working over 40 hours a week. Now keep in mind I DO NOT get compensated for overtime, not even with "comp. time" so I am just here when I'm here, and unavailable when I'm gone.

There is an atrocious beast of a woman who works in the building who decided today to ask me over my 30 minute lunch why I was on the internet. Well, lets review, shall we? I am in front of my computer, with a notice up in electric neon orange saying "I AM CURRENTLY ON MY BREAK" (to keep stoopid people from getting confused). I also have food in front of me, my checkbook out, my bank info up on the computer, and all my paperwork moved aside. Should this not clue her in? Oh hell no!!! She goes on to say "Must be nice to have a leisure day everyday". WHAT THE HELL?!?!

I wanted to say "Get your stoopid ass out of my department, you brain-dead, snotty, toad-faced beast." Instead what came out was "Yeah, well, I'm eating and taking my lunch here in case a station I've been waiting on calls". The truth comes out, she rolls her eyes and leaves.

Why isn't it legal to just hit people like that? Just a quick smack upside-da-head would have made me feel so much better, and would likely have prevented another stoopid comment from exiting her mouth. Ah well, I'll get her next rime (Riiiiight).


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