My family isn't big into superstition - but there are a few quirks that I picked up honestly via traditions. The one that has come to mind recently is that things happen in 3's.

My grandmother had 2 sets of plates. One formal wear that we used a LOT, and a crappy cheap set that collected dust at the back of a China hutch. On the rare occasion that a nice piece of dinnerware was dropped and broken - she would open up the hutch and grab 2 of the crummy plates and break them right away. The idea was that things happen in 3's and the best way to complete the cycle was to be proactive... and not bother ruining 3 nice dinner plates to fate but simply follow up the first broken one with 2 of the cheap ones.

It kind of makes some sense to me, but that was dinnerware and I don't know how to stop bad things from happening in 3's when they are bigger.

Tuesday last week we found out my niece has cancer. Wednesday night a dear friend of ours was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Friday my husband got bad news about work and may have to tell people their jobs are no-more.

I cried a LOT last week. By the weekend I was exhausted. Today I'm just trying to get my head straight so I don't forget to pay some bills/feed some pets/tell someone "I Love You". I know this emptiness will eventually pass... but this feeling is still difficult to deal with.


Blogger dinahjo said...

I believe in that too. I hope this week goes better for you. Sorry for all the pain.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Desert Meadows said...

Sympathetic interesting topic. Does it work? I don't know.

You have three different disasters in your life, so you'll need three cures.

Fireing or job losses: Formally hire two or three local kids to pull your weeds/cut grass/wash car whatever. Then lay them off with a symbolic severance package when they are done. $100,000 dollar candy bar?

To displace further violent death. Swat the heck out of some flies or feed mr mouse to a couple of snakes.

Illness or wrong growth. Neglect to make ill, then cure some plants with appropriate light, tasty fertilizer and de-clorinated water.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Conqueress - Egoist Views of the World said...

Eh - I just think I should have smashed a couple of plates with the first bit of bad news and then the cycle would have been completed... no more trauma. Now that all 3 have happened the cycle is complete for a few years.

7:09 PM  

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