Gossip Time!

The rumor mill is still up and running and keeping me in the loop!

The Agency I was working for is officially down to 1/2 the staff they had when I was employed there. The automotive industry has had such a breakdown with bailouts and the unstable auto economy that there just isn't much money left for small-time advertising companies. The Agency has been trying to diversify, but it is far too little, too late. If they wanted to expand and get their foot in the door of another market type, they needed to start trying 3 years ago when auto began on a slow decline.

In other news - it sounds like things may be shaking up for The Boss in her work life / home life balance. As she has been desperately trying to maintain her stranglehold on the Media Department, she has made a stranger of her husband. While I gag at the idea... she has confided that she and her husband no longer are sharing a bed. So much of her energy has been tied up in the advertising business that she has nothing left to give to her personal life.

I'm still thinking The Agency will have to close their doors in less than a year (I guess May 15th, 2010). Anyone else care to take a stab at their closing date?


Blogger dinahjo said...

I say March 20th, 2010.

3:28 PM  

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