The Best of January - Horror Stories From Advertising

So my first few months on the job back in 2004 were interesting to say the least. I once asked in a meeting if people could check their paperwork to help the new employees and reduce errors - and was told by The Boss that I may have to look for another job for speaking up. I really should have known that the best way to correct errors is to STFU.

I realized early on that The Boss was a racist - the first time was when she accused me of being one my first week on the job (I was working for a temp agency). We were talking about holidays and travel, and the best way to work out who can be gone when. I mentioned my college room-mate Masami and how we would plan travel so someone was always at our apartment to take care of the cats. The Boss said, "Do you think that's funny? Giving an Asian nickname to someone? You're a racist - and I don't think that's funny at all." I said, "No. Her name was Masami and she is from Japan." Which her follow-up was, "Didn't you find it weird being forced to dorm with someone from another country?" I think my jaw dropped, but I was able to say, "We were friends from Economics class, and decided to share an off-campus apartment." She gave me a full furrowed-brow scowl and went on about her travel tangent.

The travel conversation came up because my father was coming to stay with my husband and I for Christmas, and I wanted two weeks off to be with him, but still come back to my job. The Boss told the temp agency to find a replacement for me to train, and gave a high recommendation for me to be placed elsewhere after - but 4 women had came & went through the department during the two months leading up to my time off. When only 1 week remained before my vacation, The Boss offered me a full-time job to come back to if I could find the right person and get them trained in a week. I spoke to the staffing company, they sent over a computer person at my request, I interviewed him, and started training him that day. The Boss was initially pissed at me because a computer person costs more than a basic temp hire, but once she met him her whole attitude changed. He was almost 30, good-looking, funny, Chinese (I will call him Pet). In that first week of training she took him out to lunch 3 times. She told him to just write in an hour lunch, even if he spent more time out with her than that. She brought him a Christmas gift.

I took my 2 weeks off, loved having the holidays with my hubby and father, and spent time reflecting over the awaiting job offer. I returned to have a welcome from The Boss of "Oh. You're back." I in-processed that first week of January 2005. The Boss moved Pet into her department. RJ had been hired while I was out, and we were just stuck sitting in the office together trying to work together. Pet and The Boss became friends - spending time outside of work together... much to the suspicion of The Boss' husband (since she told me she hadn't had sex with her spouse in over 6 months). Pet got his own cube and new laptop - and played video games all day. The Boss would scold him, and he would invite her to sit and watch him play, and she would. Pet decided to go back to China for the New Years celebration and spend time with his family. The Boss had a big office party for him, and she let everyone know Pet would be coming back after his travel and not to worry about his absence. Pet had only wanted to be part of the team. He called me once to ask if things were okay, but specifically requested I not tell The Boss he called. I think she was hurt... and never realized she smothered him away from the company by playing favorites. Pet never spoke to The Boss again.

In more recent developments - I was contacted by one of the sweetest girls I've ever had the pleasure to work with. She had initiative, foresight, intelligence, and most importantly - she cared. Lady D was a college student with the desire to do her best; at school and in the office. A recent post from her simply informed me she had taken all she could stand from The Boss - and was leaving her position after a recent blowup. Lady D is not one to shout back because she is a lady - so I think the putrid black filth that oozes from The Boss' pores had been enough to finally drive her away... Lady D - I wish you all the best in life, wherever you may go!


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Thanks, I'm doing great now!

To all who read this and wonder if it is true...yest it is true!

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