What does it mean?

Répondez S'il Vous Plaît

Yes. It's French. French sucks. Maybe that's why people get confused. Simply translated it means "PLEASE RESPOND". The only reason I write RSVP on my invites is to get a head count for providing ample food and beverage for the masses.

So to everyone who responded - I appreciate it. Thank you for confirming your plans to be there, giving me a maybe, or just saying the time wasn't right. I appreciate the sincere replies because those are what help me plan.

Overall I'd say the party was AWESOME! Halloween takes 4 weeks of decorating - between the haunted patio leading to the front door and then the obscene amounts of decoration inside - it is a project in itself. I plan a costume bash at the same time (contrary to one idiot's opinion that I do it to throw a party for my own birthday - it is actually our chance to have a gathering of friends that we may not get time to spend with as often as we'd like). Logistically it has sucked in years past... but this year I had help. Some of my friends who came to the rescue include:
-Collin, who let me use his drawings for the invite.
-Bartender Brant, who helped me sort our the liquor needs and then acted as my server the night of the party.
-Chris, who assisted with the decorating while my husband was out-of-state, then helped me load the keg and catering.
-Jed, who took care of all of the heavy lifting of tables.

So THANK YOU to everyone who helped. This year was an even bigger challenge with my home business booming, my former job sucking, and husband being out-of-state for several months. Of the 5 years I've had this shin-dig - this year I was relaxed and I felt prepared come the day of the party, and that is thanks to all of the help I got.

For those of you who confirmed, then later decided that instead of calling you'd just tell a friend of a friend that you wouldn't make it, or just not show at all - that's okay too. I had some left-over beer in the keg that will be used for cooking. Oh, and I won't be directing an invite your way again, jerks. CHEERS!


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