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Help me help other pets! Read my story below!!!

Hi! My name is Oreo and I am an adopted kitty. You see, I was kicked by a heartless brute when I was very young and left for dead in an alley. Someone heard my whines of pain, found me shaking in fear, so they picked me up and took me to the Humane Society. Several x-rays and exams later, it was discovered that my left hind leg was broken and my hip was completely shattered. Everyone feared that I was a lost cause because of the extensive damage - and I just couldn't stop crying. A nice volunteer put a call in to a local veterinarian to see if they would invest their time and energy to help me. My bones were so small and fragile, that all my new friends could do was give me pain killers and hope for the best. The vet sent me home with a new foster family every night to administer my medication, but he knew I would need a lifetime home very soon. One of his assistants told her husband about me, and he knew one of his co-workers had cared for a special needs animal before. One week later the woman and her husband took me home - and further cared for me in recovery. I am almost 2 years old now! In my home, I have the best friends in the world - another adopted cat named Gracie, and an adopted Greyhound named Callie. We all look out for each other and have great times causing mischief! In fact - with Gracie's help I have even learned how to jump on the table and counters!

I want the chance to help other animals find a home too - and you can help me in my mission! Bissel.com is having a photo contest for pets, and if I win I can choose a charity to give $10,000 to - and it would be the Humane Society, because without them and their efforts I wouldn't be alive today.

Click here or on my picture above and visit www.bissel.com . I am entry 4007.

Between January 29 - February 5 - all you need to do is click on my picture, enter your name and e-mail, and I will be one vote closer to helping other pets (you can only vote one time per person)!

Thank you for reading my story!!!


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