Oh Hell Yeah

So I just did my first Weigh & Measure since I started my new diet program. I'm down 3.5 lbs. this month - so a grand total of just under 10 lbs. since I started working out in May. Oh - and I'm down 14.5 inches!!!

Right now I can't keep my pants up without a belt - and all of my shirts look huge on me.

While all of that is fine and good... I can't get over how fantastic I FEEL! I can actually ride my bike uphill (steep uphill) for over a mile and not stop - I can tie my shoes without gasping for air - I can hike as fast as my husband, I can jog without knee pain... you get the point.

Right now I am only 15 lbs. from what I weighed when I got married! I've started pulling down the designer clothes I held on to from when I lived in Arizona - a few of the skirts fit again - and the jeans and blouses are getting VERY close.


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