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I decided to apply for a job just to keep me busy in the summer (the season my home business always slows down). So as I mentioned a few weeks back - I've been going to the gym, losing weight, losing inches, and just toning up! It just so happened that they were hiring for a part-time position and so I applied.

I've been working there for a month and I love it! From the standpoint of being member I really believe in the results and how I've been feeling. Now that I'm an employee - I'm getting the chance to learn more about the science and nutrition behind what they teach to members. On a corporate level - they really do care about the long-term health and awareness of their members.

The last few weeks I've been participating in their nutrition class, and have been losing even more weight because of it. The best part is - my body (that has been needing so many prescription drugs to get over the trauma of working at my last company) is finally Rx free! I feel energized, happy, and healthy!

So to my friends who live in my area - I invite you to come visit my club and do a free workout with me. It will only be 30 minutes out of your day to try something that could change your life!


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Oh, taco, I'm just THRILLED for you!! That's ALOT of hard work, and I'm SO excited for this great new part of your life!

Must say, I'm GREEN with envy over your success, and it really inspires me to do more to improve too! Way to go Jen! You're just one of the most awesome people I know! mwah! kgh

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