My rose garden has returned! I have beautiful, fragrant blooms bursting from my plants. My climbing rose tree is almost 6 feet tall right now - and my other rose bushes have come back in full force with brilliant reds and pinks. I realize that I do need to plant yellow roses this year though - to add to my spectrum of colors.


Anonymous kel said...

How about light purple? I used to have these at my old house in Fountain 10 years ago(before the second trip overseas, I hated losing those plants!!) they are still there, the purple is just, well wow, just as beautiful as yours, only a different shade..

9:32 PM  
Blogger Trouble said...

My grandma had roses lining the front edge of her yard for years but then one day she killed them all- got tired of them and hacked them to bits. A few struggled to come back but nothing like they were before. :(

12:08 PM  

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