Spring Cleaning

We're nearly done with the expansion in our basement, the back yard has been weeded and cleaned up, sprinklers are working, and I'm almost back to being completely organized.

This year I plan to have spring cleaning include:

1) Getting rid of the BOXES of technology magazines my husband has been holding on to for over 5 years. I think that anything over 2 years old is probably completely obsolete by now - and if it's not it's posted on the internet somewhere.

2) Cleaning out the garage and building a few benches so everything isn't stacked anymore. It would be nice to not have to climb over a band saw to get to our camping gear. Maybe install the garage door opener in the process...

3) Arranging up my fabric drawers in the closet upstairs. If I could find all of my coordinating colors I may actually get a chance to sew up a couple of new costumes for the Renaissance Fair.

4) Seal the driveway so the concrete quits getting the crumbly little cracks all over. BOO!

5) Shred paperwork that's over 7 years old - I have a HUGE filing cabinet for business / personal stuff, but between me & my hubby it's overflowing!


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