Moving Right Along...

It always takes some time to get back into the swing of things after vacation. It's usually a week to catch up on laundry, and another week to fully restore old habits.

Our vacation ended almost a month ago, and just this week I feel like I've caught up.

The difference? Clients become desperate when they can't reach you (regardless of what the answering machine says). Then they find more projects for when you do get back to them... and everything is urgent. I spent a solid week doing work orders - no time for laundry, no time for vacuuming, no time for cooking.

Also - there's a project we're doing in our basement. We've had our permit to add a room in our house for about 8 months - and we're down to the last of the work for the final inspection. So on the weekends when I could have been catching up on house stuff and restoring order, we were hanging sheet rock (thanks Lady D - for loaning us your husband).

On top of that - we've made the decision to become more active for overall health. We go bike riding, or frisbee golfing, or walking. An hour or two every afternoon is a nice change considering that at the advertising agency we would never leave before sundown. Now we exercise, come home and cook dinner, then work on our house project.

Finally - I've started an intense hormone treatment. I won't go into the long explanation, but I've got a cocktail from my doctor that is loaded with side-effects. Everything from emotional swings and hair loss, to hot flashes and disconnected memory. Good times!

So this week I feel back to normal for the first time since vacation. The house is clean, my sleeping schedule is about normal, the laundry is all caught up, and the animals are calm again.


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