Sea Shells By The Sea Shore

Ah! Vacation time again - and GOD am I ready. We're visiting the Caribbean with our friends Kathy & Chad. It will be great because we're going away without worries about work, money, or stress - and we'll be with some of the best friends anyone could ask for.

In 2007, my husband and I went on a cruise in early May... and while a cruise should be a time to relax and enjoy just being away, we had more on our minds. I had a miscarriage last year in April - likely brought on by stress according to my doctor. After that event, we decided that The Boss was pushing too much bad moojoo into our lives and the stress was not worth the sacrafices we were making.

Thanks to our trip to Washington DC (to visit above said friends), the plan to leave the company went into action. My husband got his resume out there, and started doing phone interviews every day at lunch, he had 3 offers before we ever left on vacation. Once we were on the ship - we were checking his voice mails every time we came into port for updates. There was a cloud hanging over our heads, lingering just over our shoulder because we knew what was coming next... The trip was amazing, and we got to see and do things many people can only imagine - but the time of returning to home to tell The Boss, "Take this job and shove it," was just around the corner. It wasn't leaving the company that we were dreading, but the bitch-out that was coming from the evil office troll who was our manager.

We honestly believed that when we put all of our eggs into the basket that was the advertising agency - we would be investing in the future of something great. The Boss has a way of ruining lives, though. Goodness forbid anyone be happy in her presence. Goodness forbid anyone has a life - since she can't have one herself.

We sat down the afternoon that we returned from vacation and gave The Boss the news. She blew up, like she always does when she's on the losing side of anything. My husband completed his two weeks of work... and the rest is history.

So here we are - in a new chapter of our lives. This year vacation is a celebration. We are rid of the POISON in our lives, we are better off emotionally, financially, physically, and best of all - we're able to enjoy being HAPPY!!!


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