I turned on the TV yesterday afternoon for some background noise while I was working... and Montel was on with "psychic" Sylvia Brown. This woman had the dirty smoker voice, like you would hear dialing a 1-900 number. She's as good a psychic as I am an astronaut.

The people in the audience were standing up asking deep questions - and she was shooting off answers like she was holding a machine gun.

Q: I've been involved in a legal battle. Will I win my lawsuit?
A: Yes, because 3 people will stand on your side. (Well, then there's that whole issue of the counter suit - so with legal fess you'll actually be out several thousand)

Q: There's been a lot going on in my life financially. Should I buy a house I'm looking at?
A: Yes, you can never go wrong with buying a house. (That $300,000 home that will be swept out from under you in a year because you can't afford it because you listened to a wacko)

Q: My father has a brain tumor - will his condition affect my life?
A: No, he doesn't think so. (Except the whole chemotherapy thing, incontinence, hospital bills and stuff)

WTFO? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I could have given the same vague answers. She's pretending to be Nostradamus - but NO ONE CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE. You make it happen yourself.

I think there are forces at work in this world that affect us all. Life is energy - plants with photosynthesis, animals with digestion, our planet with the undulating of oceans, wind, fire, lightening. It's all energy, and it is everywhere. The ability to feel it to me is intuition.

I only really notice the sensations when I'm around people. It's like being energized by someone's essence when they get near me.

With deceitful, dark souls - I get a cold feeling, and a strange smell enters my nose, and almost like feeling a bit nauseated... I stay away.

With honest, light souls - I feel tingling like being excited for a holiday, and I see light (like a halo around the moon effect)... I seek them out.

Going shopping at the mall or grocery store drives me crazy because I get it from everywhere. Almost like a sensory overload at the holidays. When I need to go shopping I either go first thing in the morning, or late at night when crowds are down. I think I am sensitive to energy, but that's all.

It's not a superhuman power, I can't sense spirits or tell you winning lottery numbers, I just trust my intuition.


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