The economic stimulus check was a nice summer bonus in our house, allowing us to move up some purchases we've been saving up for.

My husband got the bulk of the benefit (as he should since he's the breadwinner). He now has a super juiced-up Intel Core 2 Quad computer with 4 gigs of ram, nVidia 8800 GTS, and crazy over-clocking ability. IT'S BEEFY! Just last night he was online gaming and is able to crank up the graphics so much that the screen looks like it's displaying photographs!

For me - I bought a die-cutting machine by Cricut. I got tired of hand-cutting stuff out for my crafting hobbies. Just like in the infomercial - I use it for creative projects like cards and tags, and also in my scrapbook. Besides die-cutting, I can place markers in the machine and it will draw on my pages for me. I've been using my new gadget like mad!

We're planning to get a bed-liner for our truck next, a multi-purpose stone cutting and cabbing machine, and new furniture for our 3rd bedroom. It's so nice to move up items on our wish list, while still saving for retirement, and investing during this time the stock market prices are low.

To add icing on our little cake of happiness - my hubby got a raise, and my home business is getting extra busy with several new out-of-state clients.


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