Animal House

Our family continues to grow... with our latest addition being Sophia. She is a little 3-month-old manx kitten - charcoal gray with orange stripes. Her sisters Gracie and Oreo were initially unsure of what to think about the powder-puff that had invaded their home. Luckily, Oreo realized rather quickly that Sophia is a better play-mate than Gracie (our oldest cat who prefers to sleep all the time). Gracie has taken to cuddling with the kitten when it suits her - but is usually resigned to finding new and creative hiding spots so she can stay out of the way of Sophie & Oreo's wild races around the house. As for Callie - she has wanted to play with the new kitty ever since the first day she came home with us... but it took Sophie almost a month to figure out that the dog is her friend.

Love my babies!


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