A little side rant...

I think people who still wear white tennis shoes while riding a motorcycle look like idiots. Idiots trapped in the 80's.

"Hey - look at me! I have a shiney motorbike, a snazzy helmet, and an expensive leather jacket... but I wasted SOOOO much money on those 3 things that I have to wear the tennie-runners my mommy bought me back in 9th grade!"

You are an idiot. Sure you can accelerate aggressively and think that because I'm a chick I am impressed... but the shoes kill it. You are a hopeless dork who believes in the power of Axe Body Spray, and you have no idea how dumb you look in those Back To The Future white tennis shoes.

Take the same guy and put him in hiking boots - or even better, leather combat boots - That is H-O-T-Hot!

Unless he's wearing shorts...
Then he looks retarded in any shoes.
And there's no way to fix that.


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