Monsoon Season!

The stinkin' hot weather is finally subsiding, and around 4 in the afternoon those BIG, DARK, & OMINOUS clouds start to roll off the mountains. Then the rain comes... at first in a light and enjoyable sprinkle. Within a few minutes it turn into sheets and buckets pouring down from every direction! The crack of the thunder and the constant rumbling of the overloaded raindrops hitting every surface in sight - vehicles, pavement, trees, and scampering pedestrians - so wonderful! The storms rejuvenate my rose garden - like a second chance - to drink in the bounty from the heavens and bloom anew.

If it was safe I'd probably sit outside and soak up the rain like my plants... wash away the thoughts in my mind and the stresses of the day-to-day. The crackling and BOOMS hit pretty close to home in monsoon season, and I don't want to be a lightning rod anytime soon.


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