So I'm keeping my sanity for the moment.

The home business isn't slowing down. Chores keep piling up with the laundry. The front yard is nearly finished. The new bedroom only needs baseboards. My family needs help with my niece up in Denver. I'm tired.

Somehow I'm making it through with minimal collateral damage. There are days it takes all I have to not break down and cry over the long list of things that need to get done but just can't... and I'm seriously considering writing my congressman to add about 4 hours to a day to give me some extra time to get shit done.

At least there's August to look forward to. Hubby and I are taking a well-earned vacation... our 4th cruise. This time we're going to Alaska! We started looking back and this will be our first vacation with just the two of us in over 2 years. We've done lots of traveling with friends & family... but I guess since we're together 24/7 we haven't really thought about getting away with just us.

Just a few short weeks and we'll be off and away from work and cell phones!!!


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