Ahhhh, Scientology & Muslims!!!

This is the kind of good stuff I look for on the internet...

I love seeking out truth and understanding in the world. With all the hype about famous folks involved in Scientology, I decided to look into it to find out about all the hubub. One thing can be said about the scientologist official site... they have put a hell of a lot more money into it (all of their "nominal fees") than the anti-Scientology guy (just his time & pocket change). Yay!!!

I have spent a great deal of time looking into alternative religions, not really because I have an interest in joining (I'm not really much of a joiner unless you're buying the drinks), but I do have this unquenchable desire for knowing all I can about anything. To show you something cool I found - - take a look at these links about the "Cornerstone" of Muslim religion. When Muslims bow to worship every day they are praying towards the Kaaba (big black block building, say that 3 times fast)... and more specifically the stone (thought to be a meteorite) built into the corner of the building:

The second link features photos of the "non-idolitrized" Kabba Stone. Interesting and cool stuff.


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