Elton John Is Not Married

Interesting quote from Elton John. I like his thinking, and his way of phrasing things...

"I hate people saying I'm married," Elton John told the London Mirror. "Marriage is a heterosexual term for men and women. We've got a civil partnership. It's not a religious ceremony. I didn't want to get married. I just wanted a lifetime commitment... I thought I might get the odd flour bomb but there was no negative reaction. It was the nicest day of my life, with all the people I love most."

Definately food for thought! Why not allow for commitment? I still say heterosexuals shouldn't be worried about allowing for homosexual unions... they aren't going to breed us out of existance!


Blogger Debra said...

It is an interesting POV, however I still think there shouldn't be segregation between hetero- and homosexual bound relationships. Everyone should be entitled to the same things, regardless of sexual preferrences. If I want a civil union with the man of my choice, why not? And why not Anna and Jessica (first names came to mind lol) get married?

1:56 PM  
Anonymous grill said...

Very eloquently spoken by elton... what a difference it makes from someone speaking from longtime personal experience, as opposed to speaking to gain publicity or visibility on account of the issue... for example, i recently heard somewhere that, when asked when brad pitt and angelina jolie expect to get married, they responded something to the effect "...we'll get married when everyone who wants to be married can be..." Puh-lease!! Do they honestly thing that the legislative branch of the US Government will suddenly bend with that statement?? C'mon.. do it for brangelina!!

9:19 AM  

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