Conquests - Part 4

I was a Charmin baby.

Back in 1982, Charmin toilet tissue had a contest for Charmin babies & toddlers. My mom thought it would be fun to submit some pictures of me to see what happened. She had some photos from a road trip we had taken through Cooke City, MT... at the top of the pass in the summer-time.

It doesn't get much above 65 degrees in the hottest days of the year at the summit, and we were lucky to be traveling on a warm day. The wildflowers were in bloom, and we had packed a picnic lunch, so my mother, father and I parked and walked out onto one of the tundra-ish fields to take a break. My mother's brother (my uncle) was a retired military photographer, and my mother had bought his camera equipment for a hobby. While we were eating she snapped a few shots of me on a picnic blanket, with a curly ponytail, in a blue jumper with pink flowers.

Sure enough, the photos she chose from that day were sent in for the contest, and I was the face of Charmin Toilet Tissue from 1983-1985. Try to dig that photo up!


Blogger Heather said...

That's awesome! Do you have any of the wrappers saved??

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Monkey said...

That's awesome! I had no idea.

Now to search the net for charmin babies...

7:58 AM  
Anonymous rosie said...

I want to see it!

You don't have to post this - what is your email? I have some business questions for ya, like where to go to get the forms etc. What type of business do you have? I was going to go with a sole propritorship for the ease but think an LLC would be best in the long run, for name protection, and taxes. I need your advice :)

3:28 AM  

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