Word is out, and I'm getting more hits than ever! Exciting times indeed. For most of my co-workers, this site has become a place to go for information, but most often a good laugh.

Now for my weekly rant :
Lately it seems that everyone wants to talk shit about someone else behind their back, but still go out to lunches and laugh like everyone is just best buddies. I am sick of all the two-faced brats... including those people reading for the first time (I know you're just looking to dig up something juicy to add to your fire & hatred for others). You can feel free to come here, read on, and enjoy the wealth of information, but don't you think for a moment I don't have some background information on you as well. Yuck it up now, and don't feel hurt if you think a post is about you. It might be, it might not be... either way the joke's on you. Some well-taken advice from a tech-friend prompted me long ago to keep a tape recorder nearby at all times. I've got more information catalogued and on tape than I know what to do with. You don't think your plans to get people fired was just a little secret between the group of people present, did you? What about tag-swapping at department stores to "get a good deal" - - it's still considered stealing in the eyes of the law. Even on-the-clock hour-long conversations are there.

I am not trying to piss of the planet... just keep having your little gossip-fests - - without me. I really am getting sick of being in your vicinity anyways.


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