South Park "Scientology" Back On!!!

Yeah! Take that you scientology bitches!!! You LOSE!

South Park has received a Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting. Having been a Broadcast Journalism major in college, the Peabody awards are very prestigious... kind of like a Nobel Prize for the world of Journalism. South Park's award came with the compliment for being a show that "...pushes all the buttons, turns up the heat and shatters every taboo," according to the Peabody Awards Director Horace Newcomb. "Through that process of offending it reminds us of the need for being tolerant." AMEN!!!

The comedy show has always been dear to my heart (I've been a fan since the beginning back when I was in high school), and has brought Comedy Central out of the red to make the network the powerhouse it is today. As buttons continued to be pushed, South Park creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker created an amazing episode dedicated to the farce of a church that is Scientology. With rave reviews and tons of publicity, Scientologists (and the power of the uber douche that is Tom Cruise) urged the network to pull the episode... and it was pulled thanks to the need for more Mission Impossible III publicity. Tom Cruise made matters worse by being a fucker knocking up women young enough to be his daughter out of wed-lock, and the MI:3 movie bombed.

Now the Scientology episode is coming back in a cruel twist of fate. The Emmys are shining on South Park, and have specifically nominated the Scientology episode for an award. Could things get much better? Oh hell yeah. Comedy Central has given a big "fuck you" to Scientology, Tom Cruise, and Viacom by announcing to begin re-runs of the episode again as soon as possible.

HORRAY!!! It is a grand day in the land of satire! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.


Anonymous rosie said...

ha ha that's so funny. South Park an emmy huh - that's so funny.

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