Thoughts In My Head

Go for a Sunday drive to a cozy resturant -OR- Take the truck into the mountains with a picnic lunch. Pick up the phone and call my brothers and dad -OR- Plan a family reunion. Smile & nod -OR- Slap my work associate in the face. Stick to my diet -OR- Enjoy a cheesburger with fries and a chocolate milkshake. Let the driver trying to cut me off in -OR- Block him then flip him off as I drive by. Ease my PMSing friend's mind and tell her she looks fine -OR- Tell the truth... she looks like death warmed over. Pretend I don't notice The Boss' racist comments while letting her tell me I don't understand because I'm not a minority -OR- Correct her racist ass and remind her of my Native American hergitage (while brandishing a tomahawk). Leave my husband alone about how messy the basement is with the xBox 360 manuals and games -OR- Pile every last piece of crap on his desk and tell him he will NOT be sleeping in our bed until he finds a place to keep it all. Save up $700 and spend it on window-well covers at our home -OR- Save up $700 and spend it gambling on our next cruise. Stay completely sober at the Renaissance Faire and pretend to enjoy the shows -OR- Drink way too much honey meade, take over a couple of shows, and have my tits show up on Geeks Gone Wild.


Anonymous rosie said...

so many options.

I am all for the piling of stuff on hubby's desk! that sounds like a lot of fun!

9:59 PM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

Ended up that I didn't have to do that. He read my blog and decided to clean it up himself :-D

9:49 AM  

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