I Know Nothing, BUT...

Don't you just love pointless weekly meetings? We have them... and it goes the same every time. One person talks about the weekly production schedule, 5 people ask, "Why am I not on the schedule? I left a voice-mail for The Spaz and thought everything was worked out!" To which the scheduler replies, "The Spaz is out sick, and I haven't checked her messages. Can you put it in an e-mail?" It never fails, happens every week... and yes, The Spaz is out sick nearly every Monday (being upper-management is so difficult). Next, everyone mentions any odd-happenings as related to their department to give a "heads-up" to the room full of people who could care less, and then we all watch the fantastic array of commercials assembled the previous week.

Now there have been some BIG company changes happening over the last couple of weeks, and everyone in the building is sort-of in the loop. Typically management will give everyone the official update the the Weekly Meeting to sooth the "Buzz" and get everyone on the same page to prevent too much speculation. Apparently things have changed to that effect, because today all of management was blissfully cheerful and silent about what the hell is going on... and immediately after the building-wide get together, all of the management staff shuffled into The Moneyman's office and closed the door.

Now the gossip is really flying, people are concerned about their jobs, about the welfare of the business, and what the truth is behind the rumors. Kind of scary - - I guess we'll see what this week brings.


Anonymous Smoove D said...

I'm sorry.

At my old job, we had pointless monthly meetings. At least there were Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Now, at my new job, we have quarterly pointless meetings.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous rosie said...

thank you so much for the mother's day card! It was so nice and unexprected to get it!

commenting is just so much easier than emailing :)

9:39 AM  

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