China's Hu Jintao = Dirty Old Bastard

Alright, my focus for the week is China's Communist Party, better known in my world as "lousy-idiots-who-organized-a-political-party-because-they-have-no-self-confidence-to-rally-for-a-real-political-system". Now, Communism is defined as "A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members".

Communism says that people should ignore their desires to be individually successful or to hope the best for themselves because they are no better than every other man on the planet. It is wrong to desire anything for yourself, because your neighbor may need more than you do, so you should work for his needs and not your own. The political leaders in your typical Communist party are ruthless, and DO NOT consider the needs of the people. They rule with brute force - - seizing property owned by people who oppose them, imprisoning any great mind that does not agree, murdering protesters, and ruining business and private enterprise in every way they can. The political party leaders see free-thinking minds as a threat, because they teach humankind to desire for self... completely opposite of the Communist mind-set. Communist leaders seek to raise their status for the betterment of themselves, while saying it is to maintain order for the common good of the people. The middle-men manage the state-of-mind of the public by preaching the care for your fellow man, and reporting those who oppose the common political party for their own advancement. The general public lives in fear, gathering secretly to talk about their hopes, fears, and personal desires.

In essence, rather than letting people do their best for themselves, they frighten people into submission, and force them into denying basic human instincts for the sole purpose of political advancement. Communism is not a long-lasting form of government, however, and I'll tell you why...

People want to fall in love, they want to protect their families, they want to provide the best for their children, and they want to feel their feelings without the added emotion of guilt. People want to know that their hard work will pay for their needs, and that the harder they work, the greater the reward. Human nature is to fight for survival, and while the fight may be different in the modern world than it was for cavemen, the instincts are still the same. In heart & soul, man cannot deny instinct. Communism only works in a limited scope, because Communist leaders CANNOT practice what they preach. Citizens will eventually see their political leaders basking in wealth, rolling in their superiority, and climbing the political ladder thanks to the sacrafices of individuals... they will get angry and eventually protest so they are no longer denied their HUMAN RIGHTS. In most Communist governments, you can't seek other work once you choose a profession, and if the government decides your skills are needed somewhere else, you go whether you want to or not becuase it is for the good of other men.

Capitalism takes man's desires, and rewards those who do their best by giving them prosperity. Some are rewarded with financial prosperity, some with emotional prosperity, but all feel that the work they do gives them their place in life. It's not perfect, because money doesn't grow on the trees you plant, and often people must look somewhere else to advance in the ways they want to... but Capitalism gives you the option to desire working somewhere else and looking for job elsewhere, in any other field you desire.

1) People must work the hours their employer requires (for any businesses associated with the Communist Party).
2) People must accept their employer's wages, often without incentive to work hard or well because there are no raises (because the government says that company cannot reward any one man without rewarding all).
3) People are censored in ALL of their interests (certain WEBSITES, certain books, certain movies, certain music, certain TV programs, certain clothing brands, etc. are not sold in China if the government thinks it's influential).
4) People are not provided any type of social / economical security (if you get injured at work, it is your own damn fault, and Communism should provide for you once you're injured but because you're not longer useful to the betterment of all mankind, you're FUCKED).
5) People can only find industrial employment when they are between the ages of 14-24. Once you are 25 or older, you must prove yourself on a daily basis because employers find as people age they become less productive than young people (and there are no labor laws to protect you otherwise).

Remember 1989, remember the protests in Tianaman Square. A journalist was recently imprisoned in China for warning broadcasters to not report on the 15th Anniversary of the Tank Man and violent Bejing protests to their Chinese affiliated stations... and thanks to releasing his personal information to the Chinese government, his journalistic skills will not be admired for the next 10 years.

Trouble is once again stirring in China, and I would not be surprised if another era of protests break out in the near future... and we may see Chinese citizens being truly free.


Anonymous rosie said...

It is so crazy how different things are around the world.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Debra said...

It makes me sick every time I hear something about China because of this. People are people. We're all the same all over the world but yet we're treated so differently depending on where we are.

I agree that Communism cannot continue because it is unstable and self-defeating, but it may take a while to come crashing down. :(

11:07 AM  

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