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If you are looking for organizations to better the world around you, check out these sites:
Humane Society of the United States
USO - United Service Organizations
The One Campaign

I have decided to respond to my friend Rosie's post directly in my blog because I think there are important issues to be addressed rather than lost in my comments.

Her post reads as this:
"I thought I would comment and share my opionion although you may not like what I have to say. (don't take this personally at all, I hope you can appreciate what I have to say)

It bothers me that people are wasting their time over such a trivial issue, actually non-issue. There are so many better things to be doing with our time that could be bettering the world instead of just pissing people off. Imagine if everyone who was writing about, thinking about, and signing that boycott put there energy into something positive. My solution would be something like "hey if you hate Tom Cruse sign this petition to end world hunger and forget about that bastard" Seriously lets forget about South Park and Scientology and all join The One Campaign and really make a difference and save some lives. Just seems like adding fuel to the fire to get into the whole scientology debate and giving press and publicity to a new movie and a banned tv show."

I understand your point of view, and I agree there are many things people could spend more time doing for the good of the planet. Ending world hunger is a great cause, but I also feel many of these organizations have other interests in mind. I do not feel I am wasting my time doing research and "ranting", because I am passionate about the things I write and am concerned about where this world is going if people don't take a stand and rant. To me, people should research information and experiences to give others more insight for making their decisions. There are dangerous things in this world that if they weren't researched (out of pure curiosity) could harm MANY people.

For example, Bald Eagles were on the brink of extinction just a few decades ago. No one could figure out what was happening to cause their numbers to drastically dwindle. So a small group of Wildlife Biologists began looking for answers. Upon looking into the Bald Eagle's breeding habits, nothing had changed - - except the density of the egg shells of their young. Further reseach proved DDT and Dieldrin (non-water soluable chemicals), commonly used in pesticides were becoming a part of the environment in more ways than just preserving crops. Small animals were feeding on the crops which were sprayed with DDT, eagles (and osprey) were feeding on these smaller animals, and the residual effect was that bird eggs were softening (something that could not have been predicted before). In 1962, Rachel Carson published her findings about the shells of bird eggs, as well as the chemicals' side effect that it can cause cancer. DDT and similar chemicals were banned shortly thereafter. If the research had never been done, Bald Eagles may have become extinct, and we would still be ingesting DDT in our food every day.

Visit the Scientology website, and you will see the religion seems safe enough and a good idea for those without specific spiritual direction. That is exactly the type of moldable minds this cult is seeking. They say they have the cure for sadness, exhaustion, depression, and any ills this world may throw at you. For a sensitive person who feels there is nowhere to turn, Scientology could seem like a great answer. What Scientologists don't say on the website is that world's woes are caused by alien spirits that infest your soul and make you unhappy because the alien souls are unhappy because they have been brainwashed to be unhappy - - saying that would make them look silly so they wait about 15 years before charging you $19,500 for the book that tells you what I just told you.

Scientology is not a safe "religion", and I think people should share their opinions, findings, and arguments to learn for themselves what is out in the world. Please see my previous post Scientology & Muslims for more of my research into different religions, even before this all happened.


Blogger R, J, & A said...

If only everyone knew what they were getting into - research is a powerfull thing that we should all do more.

I remember all of that about the Bald Eagles from going to the zoo so many times when I was little, it's hard to believe what gets past us before we stop and pay attention.

I am glad you are such a passionate person, and take interest in such a variety of subjects. Thanks for listening to my ideas too :)

4:11 PM  
Blogger KT said...

Haha yeah, I never take dissapointment or losing well. I mean I'm over it after a day, but that day I was so down in the dumps after it was announced that I totally ignored all these people comforting me and saying "i love you" and things like that. And when I thought about it later I felt bad and then I remembered all those shouts in the halls and boos and felt much better. The next day, half the school probably came up to me and was like "I wish you won" or "I voted for you, goddamn that bastard" even ickle freshies. And I found out from a good friend who is an exchange student and lives with a teacher (so insider info here) that I lost by a tiny tiny amount. So it's all good. I still don't like the kid but I never did before either, he's racist, narrowminded, conservative, southern redneck wannabee, and I'm nothing like him. But yeah.

Well a good thing is, I think I'm going to get to go to prom now. Exciting huh? Well I wrote about it in my latest blog ;)

12:59 PM  

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