Lame Excuse

I work with a woman who smokes like mad. I have no problem with people who smoke, mind you, but she goes every hour and takes 15 minutes every time she's outside. After getting irritated with her fully taking advantage of the work system I finally asked her if she had ever considered giving up smoking. Her was response was, "I have a condition that my doctor says causes me to have irregualr breathing and makes me borderline narcoleptic. If I don't smoke consistently and regulate my breath I'll instantly fall asleep."

Um, irregular breathing? Ever try NOT SMOKING and inhaling fresh air at a regular pace?


Blogger Robot Dean Martin said...

Yeah, I can't imagine any doctor would prescribe smoking for regular breathing, especially since I've never even heard of irregular breathing.

Thanks for the comment on my video though ;)

9:33 PM  
Anonymous rosie said...

omg i have never heard such a bunch of crap, come on smoking as a fix for narcolepisy? When i used to work with people who smoked I made sure of give take advantage of the situation as well. I took regular "fresh air" breaks, if you employer denies you then when they let others smoke you can sue. It works great.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

Drunk Blogger - Thanks for coming to visit! I try to breathe regulary in order to LIVE, but hey... Doctors seem to have a condition for everything and a drug to cure it.

Rosie - I'll keep that in mind, but for me I actually like to just keep on working, and later fuming about my rage on the web.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Debra said...

DB - Sleep apnea... ? Or is just not breathing not exactly what you had in mind?

That's just crazy.. I mean seriously, you can't remember to breathe normal, so you smoke to do it? You can regulate your breathe around that cigarrette as well as you can without it lady! *shakes head*

12:23 AM  

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