God-parents? Us?

Life has a way of slapping you upside the head. I have two older brothers - - both are married to amazing women. My 38-year-old brother (youngest brother) has 4 kids - two boys that are 6 and 17, and two girls that are 13 and 16. My 40-year-old brother (oldest brother) has a son that is 3.

Last night my cell phone started ringing, and I immediately recognized the number as my oldest brother. I answered, my brother took a deep breath, sighed, and then began crying (I have never seen him cry in my life). He told me his wife had been put in the hospital from unexpected complications during a common procedure, and said he didn't know who else to call. He was worried, and couldn't imagine being without her. He talked about their lives, their marriage, their son, how much they have in common, and said with this happening he realized they are getting older and life is unpredictable.

Then he said, "If something happened to us, both of us, I would love our son to stay with our side of the family. I know our youngest brother would take him, but he already has the 4 kids... Would you ever consider taking him?" It didn't even take me a second, "Of course! I love him, and he's an amazing kid... I would be honored!" To which my brother replied, "You two are so stable, and I know you don't have kids... we've just never even thought of it, and now with this happening I can't think of who else I'd rather see him with. If... When she gets out of the hospital we will change our Will. Thank you."

Over the course of the evening and this morning, my husband and I have discussed it... and we both agree we would be very happy to have a family, and to care for anyone's child if they needed us to. I just never thought either of my brothers would ask me to be a God-parent, mostly becuase they have always seen me as their "kid sister".

Life has a way of slapping you upside the head...


Blogger R, J, & A said...

congrats! That is such an amazing thing.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Collin said...

Yeah, it does indeed. I hope for your family's sake it doesn't come to that, but it's good to plan for the chance that it might.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

My parents always said they figuered us kids would take care of eachother if anything happened to them... but with my little nephew being almost 4, and his parents not in top health, well one never can tell what may happen.

7:49 PM  

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