Still More Stoopid People

I love visiting websites, and last week found it to be intereseting that MSN had posted a link on their homepage to multiple Blogs of people like "Catholic Mom" "Asian Dude" and "Fear and Loathing in My Butt". Now there really wasn't anything of particular interest on any of these sites that would lead me to much of anything except some little twit of a kid posted to "Catholic Mom" - - "i'm a asthestit. do u hate me now? LOL B*tch" Now let's review:
1) This child can't spell.
2) This child has very bad grammar.
3) This child has issues with Catholic people.
4) This child desires to be hated by other people.

I couldn't help but wonder what kind of childhood of neglect had driven this poor kid to type anything like that on a website titled "Catholic Mom". I don't remember much about the woman's blogsite except she talked about her family and planning some vacation... More than anything the site gushed of ooey-gooey family love and more love - - a bit much for me, but her site is honest enough in that she is simply typing for the sake of getting her thoughts out there. The comment by some jack-ass kid being an Asthestit (a boob perhaps?) without me commenting to his blog-site (which is nothing more than his favorite songs transcribed and miscellaneous yet pointless comments)... my response to him was as follows: "Wow. Saw your comment through MSN today. Are you like 12? I must say I'm very impressed you even know how to type. You'll come to learn what evil truly is when you get out of mommy's basement and have to get a job, idiot." To which this scrawny adolescent has created a GIANORMOUS post IN HONOR OF ME! I feel so special!!! Apparently I struck a chord with his little heart strings... He wrote to me asking me to not post on his blogsite anymore, and he said if I did he'd steal my credit card information (oh no!). BooHoo! What else am I going to post a comment on? His great misspellings and typos on his song transcription? Like I really give a crap.

ANYWAYS... as I was driving home last night there was a guy following right on my ass in a little wanna-be car with his music blaring so loud I could hear it at 55 MPH in my truck. I stuck to my speed (about 5 over the limit anyway) knowing cops have been out in full force along my main route home over the past few days. The guy in the car finally decided speeding my way wasn't his style, so he flew around me, and right into a speed trap. Police car lights started flashing, the cop went flying around me, and a short ways up the road the bumper-hugger had been pulled over. It made me giggle with delight!


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