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This whole South Park thing has obviously got me steeming. Catholics took the episode with child molestation and the Great Queen Spider very well... they know people will take it with a grain of salt and call it a day, and no one really even talks about it anymore.

Scientologist officers, however, have created more negative publicity for the cult than they bargained for, and if they had consulted with their body thetans and maybe even listened, no one would be saying anything outside the circle of people who watch South Park.

Person 1: "Gee, wasn't that South Park Scientology episode funny?"
Person 2: "Ya, Tom Cruise is so queer."
Person 1: "Wanna head out for some pizza & beer?"
Person 2: "Sure."

THAT WOULD BE THE END OF IT. But that's not good enough for Scientology. Hell, no. Rather than bow out gracefully and call it a day - - The episode must be BANNED from Comedy Central.

Ah, but what to do about geeks?

Stupid fucking Scientologist people. YOU CAN'T STOP GEEKS! A news report that sparks some curiosity, a quick Google search, and the plethra of Anti-Scientology websites flood your computer screen. Click on any one of them and you can watch the ENTIRE episode from the comfort of your home AT ANY TIME.

Person 1: "Have you seen all the stuff Scientologists have been doing to South Park?"
Person 2: "Ya, Tom Cruise is so queer."
Person 3: "I saw the episode on the internet. Those people are fucking stupid."
Person 4: "I haven't seen it but I know they were talking about it on NBC."
Person 1: "I have the link on my computer, let me forward it to you."
Person 2: "Hey, let's all watch it together over lunch."
Person 3: "Ya, I'll let everyone know about it."
Person 4: "I love you guys."

Now you have GEEKS spreading the word of South Park. I sent THIS LINK to my co-workers. The Boss who hates the entire concept of South Park has even watched it. Now it has become business lunch conversation, and she shared the link with her clients. This is going to be the undoing of Scientology. They have dug themselves a hole to be buried in.

Now my final word of the day - - Ok, Cruise, you won't promote your movie if the South Park episode continues to air? Fine. I'll show you the power of the geeks, BITCH.
You're a lousy actor anyway.


Blogger Stop Scientology said...

Conqueress, you hit the nail on the head. The more Scientology does to cover it's tracks, the bigger those tracks get. When will they learn that that is how the Internet works.

Thanks for the couple links to my sites. Make sure you check out the recent South Park episode I just put up on the site that makes fun of Scientology.

"Chef returns to South park"

9:59 AM  
Blogger Josh huah said...


I also love the fact on that episode that in the credits all the names are either Jane Smith or John Smith

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are my Idols i wanna be like them

5:54 PM  
Blogger R, J, & A said...

I thought I would comment and share my opionion although you may not like what I have to say. (don't take this personally at all, I hope you can appreciate what I have to say)

It bothers me that people are wasting their time over such a trivial issue, actually non-issue. There are so many better things to be doing with our time that could be bettering the world instead of just pissing people off. Imagine if everyone who was writing about, thinking about, and signing that boycott put there energy into something positive. My solution would be something like "hey if you hate Tom Cruse sign this petition to end world hunger and forget about that bastard" Seriously lets forget about South Park and Scientology and all join The One Campaign and really make a difference and save some lives. Just seems like adding fuel to the fire to get into the whole scientology debate and giving press and publicity to a new movie and a banned tv show.

1:46 AM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

Stop - I'm glad you visited! I do not have the absolute dedication that your website has, I do enjoy visiting you and keep up on the news.

Josh - Stone & Parker RULE!!! I would shave my head to have dinner with them sometime and find out what goes on in their real lives (and in their heads).

Rosie - No offense taken, I love you no matter what hun.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Drunken Master said...

You know they changed that old adage to "The Geek shall inherit the Earth"!

6:57 AM  

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