Naked Britney Spears Sculpture

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Now, I have as much appreciation for art as the next person... and I think the guy who chose Britney Spears for him to model a Pro-Life sculpture was a wise man. Just think - - what better way to get a starving artist publicity than by creating a sculpture of a celebrity who has refused to pose naked for anything? He's downright brilliant! After examining several pictures of the sculpture taken by the artist, I think he did a marvelous job modeling an elegant face. However, part of me actually leans toward the idea that initially the sculpture was just a sculpture of no one in particular. Perhaps after creating the sculpture, one of the artists' kids said, "Daddy, that looks like Britney Spears," and *BANG* you have national publicity.

In irony, this is a Pro-Life sculpture which supposedly has a baby emerging from the birth canal on the ass-end of the piece (which I have no desire to see), but shouldn't Pro-Life be for all creatures, not just humans? Isn't it actually Anti-Life with the dead bear as the base of the sculpture? I think the whole piece is a bit of an oxymoron, and besides the national attention it has been getting, it would seem that even Mrs. Fender-Boy is taking up arms.

How much of a dumb blonde is she? The following quotes are from her website:
"Just like the false tabloids, got it all wrong. I delivered Sean Preston in the hospital, as everybody with a computer knows. I realize there are a lot of people who envy me for how rich and happy I am, so I'm willing to give that guy the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he confused making babies with delivering them."
*Wow. Just, wow. Envy little B.S. for how rich and happy she is? She sold her soul to making crappy music, is idolized by 9-year-old girls but takes no responsibily in what she's teaching them, and she married an asshat who CAN'T find a real job and depends solely on her. No, he can't carry a tune in a bucket - - I listened to the single and he sounds as doped up as he does when he's just trying to talk.

"I admit I was in that position when Sean Preston was conceived, because I was too drunk to stand up like Kevin prefers, but we weren't doing it on a bear rug. I was wearing the rug because we had just gotten back from a costume party."
*Hmmm... sounds as scandalous as my costume party with a co-worker making out with someone that is NOT her fiance of three years. Did she actually mean to share that much information about her sex life? Her sleaze-bag husband must be eating it up - - not only did he hook up with a sugar-momma who is as dumb as a box of rocks, but he also married a woman who brags about their sex life. His friends must be soooo envious.

"The more I look at that statue, the more I'm convinced the sculptor got me confused with somebody else. I know I've put on a few pounds since I got pregnant, but no way my butt's that big. I suggest the guy take a look in the mirror. Maybe it's his own fat-ass wife he was sculpting. Besides, I'd like to know where he got the pictures he claims to have used. Kevin swears the only shots of me naked are locked in his safe, and I believe him."
*Cha-ching! When the marriage hits the rocks because her husband has knocked-up some other bimbo, those pictures are gonna be all over the internet! In interviews I've seen of them, Kevin reeks like a Floridian trailer park alcholic freeloader with a speech impediment.

Moral of the story? If you're an artist, don't use Britney Spears to model ANYTHING in likeness of... she's already too self-centered and stupid to know what art is, and has no soul to appreciate the compliment. Also, it makes you as the artist look like a numb-nuts for choosing someone as self-centered and stupid to use as a model for publicity.

I bet the guy who buys the piece after it shows for Pro-Life will be the fat ass who offered Britney $1 Million when she was 17 for her virginity - - "That will be a fantastic piece for the dinner table!"


Blogger Debra said...

lol Funny thing is this is the first I've seen of the sculpture and I would never think of Brit from that pic of it. *shrugs*

And the butt? The sculpture-girl doesn't even have a big butt! A huge baby-belly, but not a big butt at all. WTS?

Now the quotes... hee hee She does realize she's feeding the tabloids with her blathering, right?

8:03 PM  

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