Al-Qaeda's Al-Zawahiri Gets A Fresh New Look

You know, it is always a sad day when an international terrorist begins to lose power... Well, in America, not really. I would love to see the terrorist homeland turned into a sheet of glass and all of the man-kind hating bastards burned for the hurt they have inflicted on other people's lives rather than simply living their own.

Ahem, as I was saying, many terrorist leaders have been forced into hiding because of the bounty on their heads - - And many potential terrorists may ask themselves the follwing:
Is my terrorism ambassador too cruel to win the hearts of the public?
Does his traditional approach to terrorism give me too many warm fuzzies?
Are his ideas and plans to destroy infidels not radical enough for the common terrorist?

Personally,I say no to all of the above! I believe Al-Zawahiri has allowed his look to become too dated for the common up-and-coming terrorist. Goodness knows many Muslims are tossing their turbans aside to let their hair (and thoughts) flow freely... why not an al-Qaeda official? It would open new doors for Rock & Roll / Love / Freedom of Peaceful Expression. Who knew the whole anger problem with terrorists was caused because they just can't express themselves as individuals? In my humble opinion, Al-Zawahiri would be taking his revolution a step forward by busting out of those old rags on his head. It is his duty and responsibility to show radical expression not only through violent actions, but also through self expression.

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Please cast your vote on the terrorist bastard's best bet...
1) Salt n' Peppa Perky
2) Strong Sassy Redhead
3) Knock-Out White
4) Mean Green Fightin' Machine (he almost looks Irish)


Anonymous rosie said...

ha ha I like 4 nice and flashy

5:02 AM  
Anonymous everysandiwch said...

I'd go with whechever is most visible from a distance and in a nightscope.

4:37 AM  

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