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Alright, I do have an opinion on politics, and am entitled to one because I LIVE IN AMERICA & AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!! If you don't like my opinion, try reading the First Amendment, then promptly lick my butt.

I see both sides to gay marriage. It's never been a part of traditional society in the United States and religiously speaking, it's forbidden. But why can't people who want to be together forever, be together married even if they're the same sex? That's the basic argument.

Well here's my side. I think same sex marriage should be accepted.

Reason 1 : There is a worldwide epidemic of AIDS and other harmful STDs - - they are NOT isolated to the homosexual community, and married people are not exempt in any way (because people still cheat, married or not, straight or gay). My thought is that marriage does promote monogamy in many ways, and who really cares if people are married or life partners... There are plenty of straight people who are life partners and it works for them, so why not let homosexual couples marry to have it work for them.

Reason 2 : Homosexuals are NOT going to breed heterosexuals out of existence... Married couples all over the US who cannot have children turn to adoption. Most adoption agencies require couples to be married in order to adopt. Wouldn't gay marriage help the thousands of unwanted children around the world find homes in the arms of two parents who love each other? People are either born straight or gay, and if a straight child were to be adopted by a gay couple - - they would be raised with more open eyes and sympathetic heart. Personally I would prefer to see a homosexual married couple raise a family of adopted children rather than see those same kids grow up as unwanted members of a crack-whores in a dilapidated house of prostitutes.

Reason 3 : We are all human and have the same nature. We sow our wild oats, we make choices, make mistakes, learn lessons, and have desires. Anyone who desires to be married goes out and gets married if they are straight. Why do the rules have to be different for homosexuals? It's like saying a Mormon and Catholic can't get married because they look at God and Jesus differently. It's just stupid.

Big Downfall : Fraud. In college, I was so broke that my roommate and I probably would have gotten married to save some money. It would have been a big joke to us, easy enough to deal with a divorce by signing some quick papers, and we would have gotten quite a bit of savings on our taxes. I think there's enough assholes in the world to make the system a nightmare!


Anonymous rosie said...

I totally agree. Sexual orientation should have no bearing in a persons right to health care from a spouse, to retirement savings or Ira's, or to any thing else a hetero couple may have. We are such a modern world I can't believe things like this are still issues. If I had the time or energy I would rally for gay rights. seriously, why can't we leave the judging to each individual and let everyone just be however they want to be. Sure, a male/female couple is the "natural" way but in a world full of so many psychos you should be allowed to love and build a life with whoever makes you happy no matter their sex. I know this is a long comment but I am also very opionated about this.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

I'm glad you agree. I believe in love, above all things. Making a family from two loving people is a perfect start... I think that's where my opinion comes from. There's so many heartless breeding vessles in the world whose children will grow up unloved and hateful. Why not give kids a chance to grow up in a loving home with two caring parents?

9:58 AM  
Blogger WriterPhotoBoy said...

I, for one, DON'T agree. I don't hate gay people - I'm friends with a lot. I DO beleive that it is a sinful act - like gambling, drinking too much, eating too much, smoking, etc. Do I sin? You bet. If you knew exaclty how, you wouldn't like me very much.

Tolerance? Tolerant of what... Sin? Would you be tolerant if I took your wallet? If someone took mine, I'd forgive them, but would want them to be accountable. Love the sinner. Hate the sin.

God doesn't love us "the way we are," He loves us IN SPITE of the way we are. And it IS a choice, because people leave the lifestyle. Julie Cypher? Anne Heche? It's just not juicy enough or PC-enough to report on.

Gay marraige also cheapens my hetero marriage. What if I like to get phreaky with animals? Can I marry my donkey? If I could, could I get the same benefits/recognition as you? Would you feel cheated?

And as far as kids' needs- they need parents of BOTH sexes.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

As I said, I can see both sides, and I appreciate your post. I still stick with that I would rather see starving Ethopian kids and crack babies grow up with two loving parents as opposed to seeing them die from neglect.

3:42 PM  

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