Montana Meth Project

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It is so sad, but true.

Youth & Teen Methamphetamine usage is going through the roof around the country. It's cheap, it's easy to get, and it is incredibly addictive. Click the picture to see more about the controversial ad campaign Montana has launched. After years working in retail and kicking many Meth addicts out of my store for shoplifting or loitering... I think the campaign may be a step in the right direction.

The concept is harsh, the advertisements are frightening, but take a drive through Montana and you will see the above billboard (and many others) along the roadways, hear the radio spots, and see the TV commercials all trying to reach kids before Meth does.


Anonymous rosie said...

those ads are so interesting, the sock factor might just get the message across

6:20 PM  
Blogger Debra said...

They should implement that here in Cali... I think I had four or five friend who HS who didn't turn out to be spuncakes, and I can't even count how many of my neighbors were running meth labs out of their homes. Apparently we produce a lot more meth here then most of the rest of the country. Nice, huh?

3:41 PM  

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