The Drama Is Over

Funny, but why do scenes from Office Space always come to mind when there's a shakedown at work?

The whole hubub from Monday should have turned about 1/3 of the company's employees into Superstars (scrambling to prove their worth before the official layoffs began). Instead, the idiots who can't even finish a simple task turn spotlights away from them (onto easy targets like new employees), then continue coming to work late / leaving early / calling in drunk (see Thongie & The Fish). Their managers respond by promoting them!!!

I am simply disgusted by the turn of events. Not much money is being lost to the advertisers who are taking their business elsewhere when you look at the grand scheme of the company. What is chapping my ass is the fact that there is less money coming in and managers are handing out promotions like cheap prizes at a company picnic.



Anonymous Smoove D said...

The trouble with the system is everyone gets promoted to their level of incompetence.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Collin said...

Speaking of "company picnic", I wonder if we're having one this year?

11:40 AM  

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