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The following is an exercise posted on a friend's site. Kind of interesting, and a good way to vent!!!

List ten things you want to say to ten people you know, but will never say for whatever reason. Don't mention who they are (although they will most likely never read this) .

1) Seriously, get over yourself. I am sick and tired of hearing about how great life is when I know you better than that. Maybe you're blissfully ignorant, but I think you'd rather lie to me to try to make me jealous. We're not 12 anymore, that doesn't work.

2) How dare you lie to my family about what happened between us. We both you were the one with a "problem", and that I left you because of it you fucking perverted ass-hat. Pretending that marriage will fix you and make you normal is way off. I pray you never have children, or at least that you never have daughters.

3) Why couldn't you have been there for me? I didn't need anything more than a friend, and you said you didn't even want me to call you. It was the hardest phase of my life and you were the only person I was close to.

4) You should try letting go of a grudge sometime. I don't like being in the middle, and am getting tired of being everyone's moderator when there's a problem. If you have a, issue with the situation, stop bitching to me and go talk to the person involved.

5) Get a divorce. It's not going to work, it never will. Stop beating yourself up over a marriage that isn't working and just leave. You'll be better off and won't have to deal with your evil in-laws manipulating your spouse any more.

6) Stop thinking that the things happening are caused by everything around you. The only consistent part of your problems is that they involve you.

7) Yes, I left you because I was tired of hearing about how small your "Mini Me" was. The conversation was appropriately handled once we knew each other well (date 5 if I remember). I applaud you for having the courage to warn me. HOWEVER, bringing it up every date after that made me never even want to give you a chance in bed (it's not like I was going to forget).

8) Stop using your "circumstances" as an excuse. I worked through my "circumstances" and made things happen for myself. You're as bright and enthusiastic as you want to be - - use your energy and MAKE THINGS CHANGE. No one else is going to help you at this point.

9) I hope you get hit by a bus. It would be doing society a huge favor for fetid rot like you to not exist. Every fiber of your being is vile & rancid... you have no redeeming qualities. Until you save a basket of drowning puppies WITHOUT immediately asking to be featured in the newspaper, wanting reward money, or gloating to every person in a fifty mile radius - - I will have zero respect for you.

10) Stop spending money. If you don't have enough self control to say "I don't need another pair of shoes / video game / DVD / whatever" then seek out help. Complaining about not being able to buy food becuase your credit cards are maxed makes me want to smack you. Maybe if you hadn't wasted so much money buying more crap you don't need then you could afford to continue living.

As you can see I'm pretty angry with all the people I know. The only things that really make me truly happy are my husband, my pets, and our activities that only involve my husband & pets (and some of our friends).


Anonymous rosie said...

hey you changed your #10! lol all the mushy stuff is now gone! I'm glad you did this, kind of fun huh?

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Smoove D said...

Damn. Number 2 is a good one.

Number 10 describes 75 percent of the metro Atlanta population - what I like to call $30,000 millionaires.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous monkey said...

I love this one:
Stop thinking that the things happening are caused by everything around you. The only consistent part of your problems is that they involve you.

I can't believe these are yours. Sounds like alot has happened since I saw you last.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Collin said...

I thought you might find this article interesting:

Where’s the RPG in MMORPG?

I will say, if the "Anarchy Online" ad pops up it will annoy the hell out of you.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

Rosie - I could have almost extended the list up to 20 comments, then there would have been room for a little mushy stuff... but with only 10 I needed to just vent.

Smoove - Unfortunately, the guy's name is very typical (J. Thompson)... I won't pinpoint where he's from. All I can say is that after 2 years of a normal relationship, I found out he very much likes little girls... and when I turned 20 I was just a bit too OLD for his taste!

Monkey - Not too much has happened... just a lot of shit happens in 10 years time.

Collin - Thanks for the link! BTW - I loved the Angels & Devils illo you did last month. A+!!!

9:55 AM  

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