Why I Love Stereotypes

Because they are stereotypes for a reason - - 90% of the time THEY'RE TRUE! So that being said, I don't think every guy over 6'5" should play basketball, nor do I think every person in a turban is a terrorist... but the following is a list off the top of my head of my favorite stereotypes, followed by my thoughts on the stereotypes.

Blondes have more fun. - False. Having experimented with virtually every hair color under the sun, I can definitely say Red Heads have more fun. People tend to avoid Blondes (natural or bottle-assisted) because they're dumb.

Asians can't drive. - True, unless someone who isn't Asian is in the car with them. My former college roommate was a great driver when we were together or if any of her white friends were riding with her, but if her Asian friends were with her she forgot where the lines were, what the colors of lights mean, and what road signs are for.

If you're from Georgia you're inbred. - False. If you were born in Georgia you're inbred, everyone else moved there. Go ahead and try to argue, but if you have a "Georgia Native" bumper-sticker, you likely have "My Cousin is Hot" right next to it.

Black men have abnormally large reproductive organs. - True. I never found this out first-hand, but many of my female friends will swear by the global rumors. Must be the generations of tribal dance over 2500 years... Gravity Works!

Divorced women are man-haters. - False, unless they had children with said ex. Several women I work with are divorced, some are happily re-married, some a happily single and dating. Then there's the women who had kids and practically vomit when a man walks by.

Irish people can drink anyone under the table. - True. I maybe have a drink once a month. I get drunk maybe once every two years... and if competition is involved with drinking I will out-drink every man, woman, child, and animal without breaking a sweat (and not feel a thing the next morning).

All Native Americans are drunks. - False. I dated several Native American men, and not a single one was a heavy drinker, nor were their parents or grandparents. They all had a daily drink, but that does not add up to "drunk" in anyone's book. Now if we're talking about personal hygiene, that's another story...

White guys can't dance. - True. Even the ones who have a clue look goofy / fruity when they try to dance. I think that's why square-dancing was invented... very military-ish stepping, and men are only accessoriec to swinging the women around.

People from Texas can't drive. - Correction... "I hate driving in -INSERT YOUR CITY HERE-. All the damn drivers from -INSERT YOUR MOST HATED STATE HERE- make my commute miserable".


Anonymous monkey said...

Agreed, stereotypes are formed from collective experience and are often true.
Asians ARE smarter.
Certain minorities ARE more likely to commit crimes, including racially motivated hate crimes.

I'd argue that none of these are genetically pre-determined, but rather all functions of our society. Any of the above can be proven statistically (well maybe not the blonde thing) but that is not to say that there aren't exceptions, of course.

We're so busy trying to avoid insulting any gender/race/creed that we can't have intelligent discourse relating to these issues.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

I think I am very open minded about everyone I meet. I like to live by the three strikes you're out rule - - everyone makes mistakes, says stupid things, and they deserve to be given a couple of chances before I pass final judgement. Male, female, gay, straight, black, white, purple, orange, red, yellow, blue, green doesn't matter. If you're a good PERSON, you're AOK with me. If you're a bad PERSON, burn in hell.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Debra said...

Yup, agreed. 'course I have a few comments of my own, but whatever. Most stereotypes are based in fact.. just like numbers can be manipulated easily and give an idea that is miles from the actual fact without being... well, exactly untrue.

My comments...

Blondes have more fun. I agree- its all about the red heads.

Asians can't drive. Is your Asian friend named Alix? We might have the same frined.

Black men have abnormally large reproductive organs. Um... well, the couple of black men I've been with have varied from one being smallish, two roughly average (one of them was half black, half mexican) and one being hung like a fucking horse. I honestly think I've had more larger then the norm white guys.

White guys can't dance. Hee hee! Yeah but that's okay.. means they sit back and watch us work it and we get just about anything we want.. especially if we choose to humour them and dance with them should they feel so inclined.

2:24 AM  

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