Conquests - Part 1

I remember the stories my mother told me when I was a teenager... things she was proud of having experienced, even if they were experiences her kids never wanted to know. A lot of laughing and talking with a dear friend over the last few days has led me to try a new post (which I plan to get up every Friday)... Conquests.

I have been to a nude beach - - with my parents. It was completely by accident mind you.

I was 16, and had just completed a week of competition in California. My mom & dad had both come to support me, and on days I was touring San Diego as a representative my parents vacationed, and on days of competition that were open to the public my parents were there. We spent a few extra days after the whole thing to wind down from the excitement together and spend some time together as a family. One day had already been slated for visiting a beach, so we got up in the morning, had breakfast, and went on our way to Mission Beach. It was a blast, but very crowded with lots of seaweed on shore... and we decided to go in search of a quiet beach.

After an hour of driving we found an area off the freeway where people were hang-gliding from a beach-side cliff. My dad parked the car, and the three of us went towards the cliff edge. Below was a beautiful beach that was seaweed-free and relatively un-crowded. We grabbed our towels and began hiking down a path towards the shore.

The three of us thought it was perfect! Soft sand, small waves, and only about 5 people within 100 yards of us in either direction. There was a younger couple eating lunch in the sand about 30 feet away, and everyone else was off in the distance either in the water or sitting under umbrellas reading. Mother & I spread out our towels and ran for the water while Dad took off his t-shirt to lay in the sun. The water was warm, the sun was high, and it wasn't too hot - - until a Greek God went strolling by with a beer in hand, wearing nothing but his Ray-Ban sunglasses. She and I giggled and watched him keep on walking by... and my dad was oblivious of the naked stranger walking within 10 feet of him snoozing.

Keep in mind my parents were / are very modest, and my dad always wore the giant swim trunks while my mother was a fan of the full-body swimsuits with a knee-length skirt attached. She whispered to me, "Just don't tell your father." We kept swimming, and not but 15 minutes later another amazing chiseled naked man strolled by. After about the 6th naked guy, my mom decided my young virginal eyes had seen more than enough and it was time to leave. I didn't care either way, we had fit in almost 4 hours at the beach that day and I was hungry.

We went over to my dad, woke him up, and got ready to head up the path to our car. As my mother and I sat on a towel to put our shoes on, one of the nudies came up to my father to strike up a conversation. "Hey! Out with the family, eh? This your sister & kid? Beautiful day indeed! So, you come here often? I know most of the regulars here, but I don't think I've seen you before... Are you up to anything later?" My father looks angry, in a murderous rage sort of way. At this point my mother and I get up and start laughing, because we realize the naked man is actually HITTING ON my Montana Farm Boy father.

Politely, my mother says, "We are on our way to dinner. Have a wonderful day!" We climb the path, get in the car, and my father turns to me and says, "We will never speak of this again." I've never talked to him about it again... Does that count?


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