Mohammed On South Park

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Alright... not really new news, but news either way. Apparently the South Park episode that was to feature Mohammed this spring would not have been the first episode to show "The Idiot Prophet Mohammed". Anyone remember "The Super Best Friends" (July 4, 2001)? Well Mohammed was a member of the Club, and because there was no "Mohammed Controversy" at the time, not one fucking Muslim (of Islam or otherwise) had a God damn thing to say. Hell, he is a super-hero of South Park for Christ sake!

So for anyone wondering what Mohammed would have looked like giving the Salmon Helmet to The Family Guy on the episode, just CLICK on the picture above and you will be directed to Scientomogy, a happy little website that has posted The Super Best Friends episode as well as the pre-Comedy Central edited clip of Mohammed from April 2006.

Also CLICK HERE to see the many images from YEARS past that have been published of Mohammed with no retaliation.


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