Had Enough Yet?

I'm tired. Physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. I don't know how much more I can give to a thankless job full of hateful people. People who I thought were my friends have decided I don't know jack-shit about planning social events and shouldn't have a hand in two showers coming up... at least that's how I feel they're treating me. I don't live anywheree near any of the other women at work, so if I can't interrupt my schedule for a get-together I'm out. If anyone else can't make it, they change the date. I feel like I'm in high school all over again.

"No, really! We are your friends!" "Can you cover my ass for me?" "Hey... we appreciate your financial contributions, but that's all we want from you right now."

Things always seem to end this way. I try to be helpful. I am a good friend who listens to every problem and I don't give advice unless someone asks for it. I am honest and I don't bull-shit people. In the end, the bickering and back-stabbing end only when people think they have gotten to me. Oh well. Just one more reason I really only like my pets and my husband. I can't trust anyone else.


Anonymous Monkey said...

It took me years to finally reach the sad conclusion that most people we call friends don't actually have any loyalty towards us. Ask them to sacrifice time or do you a favor and you'll watch them drop out of sight like lead balloons.

Still, pessimist though I may be I have learned that with a little patience and alot of forgiveness we can actually make good friends.

But anyway...
Advertising, I can tell you from experience, is a poor place to find good people. No offense to those who work in this business :P

7:33 AM  

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