Conquests - Part 2

I have consumed 24+ beers in one night and lived to tell about it.

A few years ago I went through a pretty dark phase in my life where I was working, drinking at home, and sleeping. Not really any food, no social activities, lots of weight-loss. A gal I worked with insisted I go out with her friends to a country line-dance club to meet some guys she knew. My first night out on the town in a year ended up being totally $$$ free because the group of guys we met up with insisted on buying all of my drinks (I love being a chick). They made it a point to keep a beer in both of my hands from 10 PM until closing time. We had a designated driver, so I decided to drink whatever ended up in my hands. The entire evening was me drinking one bottle of beer after another, and losing count after 24. I know I had more, but I'm not sure if it was 2 or 5 or what. I stayed the night at my friend's house with all the drunk girls and learned that a fried-egg sandwich and shells & cheese is the perfect meal when you have the drunken-munchies (and later found that it tastes pretty dang good when sober).

It was an interesting evening which became the turning point that I realized I needed help, and began seeing a shrink the following week. I still wonder if my alcohol tolerance comes from my family heritage... Hmmm, I feel a research project coming on.


Anonymous Monkey said...

My god, I'm not sure I've ever been able to down that kind of quantity!

And at my age now I'm pretty sure attempting that would kill me :P

9:28 AM  

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