Conquests - Part 5

I have streaked a neighborhood... and not been arrested.

I had some interesting acquaintances when I lived in Phoenix, two of which were a husband and wife with a myriad of issues of their own. The only thing we had in common was that we enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons (not running about in costumes and stabbing trees, but gathering around a table with some dice). One weekend, the guy I was dating and I went to this strange couples' house for some munchies, drinks, and gaming. After about 2 hours, we all took a break. The crazy wife started crying and ran to her room. The guys just sat at the table, opened up their next drink, and looked at me as though because I was the only other woman around it was logically my responsibility to fix things.

I knocked on her door, and went in to find her huddled by her window, looking out at the night city. It took awhile, but I came to find out the reason for her whole outburst was that she felt like her life was flying by, and she had never had the chance to do anything crazy. She was young... only 24 with two kids. Her background had been marriage the week after she graduated from high school, pregnant the following month, and a house-wife straight out of her family home.

My life had already been taking a different path. I was 21, living alone in a home I was paying for with income from a job I enjoyed. For me, every day was a new adventure, and I took every opportunity to try something different.

As she babbled on about the misery of marriage and curse of demon children, she mumbled something about having never even been nude in public. I began thinking that I had never been nude in public either, and wondered if after a few years of marriage I would be experiencing the same regrets.

"Let's streak the neighborhood," I said without really thinking.
"What?!?!" She looked confused. "What if someone sees us?"
"It's 1:00 AM. This is a family neighborhood of people who were asleep 3 hours ago."
"You have regrets, why not get this one out of the way?"
"Alright." She looked empowered. "We should sneak out the garage so the guys don't know we're gone."

I grabbed a towel and stripped in the guest bathroom, and she and I met in our shoes and towels at the back door. She flipped off the light on the garage, and we walked out to the street. "I'm very shy. I don't want anyone to see me." "I'll run around the block clock-wise, you run the other way... We should only pass each other on the once, and it's really dark out." "Okay. 1 - 2 - 3 - GO."

Before I knew it she was off running. I dropped my towel and took off the other way. I felt like the village idiot! My hair was flying, my shoes were hitting the ground in a steady jog, and things that should never flap in the wind were making sounds that I have never heard come from any edge of my body before. It was liberating! As she and I passed, we were both giggling like mad, and a minute later it was over...

We quickly wrapped ourselves back in our towels, snuck into the house, and never spoke of it again.


Blogger Debra said...

haha You rock! I still haven;t gone streaking or TP'd a house or gone skinny dipping.. gotta do these things before I'm sneaking out of the nursing home to try them!

Seriously though, that was a great thing to do for her. :)

5:16 AM  
Anonymous rosie said...


6:14 AM  
Blogger Derek Knight said...

at least it stays warm in Phoenix after dark...That would suck if it were...oh, say...40°.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous monkey said...

That's a great story!
And a funny way to cheer someone up :P

11:31 AM  
Anonymous grill said...

WOW! We should TOTALLY try that in DC! ;-)

9:58 AM  

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