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Here's a recent thought provoking e-mail from Grill...

"So we're watching Ghost Hunters while we're eating dinner because it was filmed this year at the Stanley hotel in Estes Park, right? Well, they have all sorts of bumping and thumping and tables and doors and shit moving around, but they've said like 3 different times now that there's quartz and granite in the rock bed below the hotel, which, these people are saying "has recording properties and hold the energies"... Anything to that, or is that just a bunch o' bunk? Husband votes bunk. I vote Dunno - - let's ask the rock hounds (boarding on also bunk). So, what say you?"

OK. I am going to totally sound like a hippie geek here, so consider yourself warned...

Rocks are born of the Earth. Granite and crystals of all kinds are particularly prone to holding energies because of their molecular structures. Diamonds are a perfect example... their composition is, generally speaking, PERFECT. The carbon molecules are aligned and joined at 24 "angles" with each and every molecule, which is why they are the hardest substance known to man... every little piece is bonded to 24 other little pieces, and each of those to 24 other little pieces and so on. Diamonds are being used in microchips and lasers because of the immense heat they can withstand and their reliable (almost predictable) reaction to whatever they are subjected to.

Now for the hippie part. Do you believe that people have energy around them? It's like what we've talked about before - - when you meet people, sometimes you just get a feeling about them... creepy, uncomfortable, safe, excited. That sense, or first impression, tends to be true more often than not... and I believe it is because you are reading someone's energy. If they've been a bad enough person on the inside, you feel it and stay guarded. If they're a truly good person, you feel a friendship immediately.

Back to molecular composition... crystals are prone to holding energy because of how they are built. So if you believe people have energy, and understand that crystals can hold energies of all kinds, then the theory of more "hauntings" happening in a granite & crystal rich region makes sense. Of the people I know, rock people (even those that just keep some around because they're pretty) tend to live healthier lives with fewer illnesses...

I believe hauntings happen because the energy of someone's life (or death) is locked in that place. I believe in the power of crystals because since I became a true rock hound I haven't gotten sick (2 years now), and my husband has had no more than a scratchy throat.

Think what you want to... but that my 2 cents... plus change ;-)


Anonymous grill said...

WOW! You're makin' me all famous and stuff!

Glad you enjoyed my question for you -- I enjoyed your answer thoroughly -- and so did my husband who, upon reading your response, is now less bunk-ified on his views on the whole rocks-with-recording-properties issue. Honestly, I DO belive that people have energies you can sense and feel just by being around them, and the way you describe the structure of rocks makes very clear sense to me too!

you rock jen. figuratively and literally!

PS -- the stanley hotel in estes park, CO, which certain very pregnant friends can tell us, was the setting for Steven King's The Shining. I've never been there myself, but I'm a huge fan of older scary movies, and that particular older scary movie has cable event status in our house (read: when it's on cable, it's ON in our house... no matter what else is on. No matter if it was just on yesterday. It's ON.) Hope that explains why this whole subject came up in the first place! ;-)

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Blogger Debra said...

A good piece of quartz is in demand with many Wiccans as a focus because of it's purity and potential for holding energy. Not much I can say because I don't know much of anything on it and don't want to say stuff I might be wrong on, so from personal expirience, I'll just say some rocks are full of energy and if you let them, they'll tell you what they've got. Sometimes they just want to be stroked and held, and sometimes they have a story to tell.

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