United Airlines Sucks

WARNING - Blatant slamming of United Airlines in this posting - so if you're an employee of United Airlines, you can kiss my ass and stop reading now, or accept the truths I am posting.

I didn't want to get raped by any airline company this year, so immediately after Halloween I began shopping for tickets to go home for Christmas. Yay! Home to a log cabin in the mountains, with a view of one of Montana's tallest peaks, and a Christmas tree from my family's property.

After shopping and calling, I found some great ticket prices through United Airlines. I bought two tickets home for $436.00 a piece... to be with my father at the holidays the cost was worth it to us both. I only had one vacation day, so the tickets were to fly out Thursday night, have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Montana, then return on Christmas Day.

Everything was going as planned until Dad got hospitalized. I called United Airlines the morning after my dad had emergency surgery. They couldn't get me out of town that day, but the following morning there was room on a flight, and for $200 (give or take $15) more per ticket we would be in Montana and at the hospital the following afternoon.

I went to work to finish up my responsibilities for December - - if we were stuck in town for the day I may as well tie up any loose ends in case my dad went downhill.

The following morning we were out of bed at 3:30AM, drove an hour to the airport, and got in line at the United ticket counter. So picture this... United has approximately 40 self-ticketing booths, and 3 employees handling customers. The area is COMPLETELY vacant save the hippie and her boyfriend ahead of us arguing with one of 3 attendants about the international weight limit on their baggage bound for Jakarta, Indonesia.

The other 2 United attendants are standing a few kiosks over discussing some other employee that they speculate got pregnant by their manager but because she was such a slut there was no way to know for sure... except for the condom found in his trash can after said pregnant employees review. Finally the 2 United employees see us, and ask why we're in line. I explain that we need to exchange our tickets for our Thursday departure, and I had a confirmation number from the phone call I had made the day before to swap the tickets. One of the women says, "I am supposed to be helping the e-ticket people only," to which the other gal says, "Yeah, he should be done with the International flight questions in just a minute." They return to their previous conversation...

THIRTY MINUTES LATER - I have heard the two women discuss abnormal pap smears, someone's cousin Lisa on welfare, Hillary Clinton, fluorescent colors from the 80s, and farts. A total of 1 e-ticket customer has come and gone. The man at the counter excuses himself and tells us he hasn't had a break all morning and that he will be right back. Three more minutes pass and he returns with a hot cup of coffee.

I was understandably irritated at this point, but the bigger concern is my father and just getting home. The man looks over our tickets, punches in our confirmation code, and then says, "I can't honor what you were quoted on the phone. We have to treat your tickets as though you are buying them today." Clickety-clackity-click-click. "Well, from here to Salt Lake City it will be $856 per ticket, then from Salt Lake into Montana it will be $530." I swallow...... "How much do we get as credit for our existing tickets?" "You will lose those... especially if you keep your return flight." "What about bereavement fare?" "Lady, it's the holidays. We have a black-out right now." I start to get really pissed off. "What if we fly stand-by?" "You can only fly stand-by the day of your original tickets." Tears start pouring down my face as I try to keep from going into a Berserker Rage... and then I snap.

"WELL MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!" I shout so loud my voice echoes to the nearby (and crowded) Delta ticketing area. A new customer gets in the United line behind us as my husband and I walk away.

We drove to Montana that day. Got into town about 4 hours later than our flight would have. It cost us $138 in gas. I had bought travel insurance - - so United gets nothing from us except for a big fat


Anonymous rosemary said...

holy crap. I hate airlines. all of them suck. We only fly first class so that we aren't treated like pieces of crap, how sad is that? Having to pay so much money and be treated like dirt just sucks. At least you got there ok, driving wasn't too bad I hope. Glad to see you back :)

11:48 AM  
Anonymous monkey said...

That's freaking awful!
The major airlines are replacing their decently paid, and professional, staff with outsourced peons who are poorly paid and couldn't give two shits about you. I know, big surprise. They did it at the united terminal in your town a few months ago.
But hey... they've got those e-ticked machines! Those are really helpful, right?

8:10 AM  
Anonymous grill said...

Totally unrelated comment:

I typed in your blog address wrong, and look what i got! heh!

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Buzz said...

I agree, all airlines suck, but United is the big Kahuna of them all. I wonder if their CEO, who makes about a billion dollars a year, has ever even entertained the thought of trying to travel or book a flight as a average Joe. Heaven forbid that he would degrade himself in such a way!

Anyway, have been on hold with these bozos for 3 hours and 20 minutes, trying to find out why they lied to me about a cancelled flight. They told me my flight tomorrow morning is cancelled because of mechanical problems. They rebooked me for a flight 2 days later. After that fruitless conversation with India I went back and did some more research and discovered that the flight, which originates in NYC and goes through Chicago, where I am to get on, isn't cancelled. Will someone tell me how they can predict that the 2nd leg of a flight will have mechanical problems but the 1st leg won't?????

I've been a loyal United customer for years, but this is it. They have jerked me around for the last time.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one word..."outsourcing"

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, United is not all that bad. In Anchorage the staff is very helpful and concerned over your welfare. But United decided that they are going to close that station any day now...Oh well.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm speechless...I have been flying my whole life and this airline is by far the WORST i have ever flown with.
They lost my luggage, over booked the tickets I booked 5 months prior so i had a 5 hr layover.
The air hostesses couldn't be bothered to stand up to greet their customers, instead more interested on the latest gossip on 'E'
Rudest most unhelpful staff I have ever encountered.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Hell with United. We just flew into Norfolk from Spokane for my wife's residency. They lost our luggage to start with and told us it would arrive at the hotel that night at midnight. They lied and it never showed up. The next day I called again, getting ever increasingly angry at the complete lack of mental activity with each employee, and asked where my bags were. I was told they were in town and would be delivered the same day. NOPE, lied to again. I called again even more frustrated and asked for the local baggage claim phone number. They told me it was unlisted (hmmm...wonder why) and that it would be delivered the next day. I reiterated all the previous lies and asked for an exact time. She had no idea and said it could be anytime from midnight to 3:00am. What the Hell!!!?!?!? Almost 48 hours with no bags and then that. So UPS, FedEx, and the Post Office can keep track of millions of packages everyday by simply scanning barcodes and these jackasses can't take a bag from one plane and successfully put it in another one 15 feet away. Plus a customer service staff with the mental capacity of a turd to boot. I hate United.

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Southwest Airlines is the best. I will NEVER fly united again.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous John Nunnally said...

What I thought was going to be a nice Vacation for my family in Hawaii ended up being a roundtrip from Hell. To begin with, my flight was canceled with no prior notice. The explanation for the flight being canceled was due to weather the previous day. No other airline and no other flight with United Airline was canceled. The customer service Representative at the GSP airport(Dewayne) in Greer, SC was rude and very inconsiderate of my predicament. He acted as if he was doing me a favor by giving me a seat assignment for the following day. This flight cancellation was a cover up by United Airlines for either a crew problem or a logistical/mechanical problem of United Airlines that they did not want to own up to. I was not put on another flight until the following day. I lost a $500 hotel fee in Maui, Hawaii and a rental car fee for the day. I asked for compensation due to the cancellation and was rudely denied.

Now for the return trip. My flight with United was scheduled to leave the Maui(OGG) airport on 6/19/09 at 11:00 PM.(Flight UA 30) The flight left a little late with no explanation provided. My connecting flight from the Los Angeles airport(UA 946)was scheduled to leave at 7:55 AM on 6/20/09. We landed at the airport and were at our gate at 7:40 AM. I knew it was going to be very tight because the flight was late. We rushed off the airplane and were greeted by a guy who asked who we were. I gave him my last name and he said "hurry up they are waiting on you". As my family and I rushed to the new gate which was only a short distance we were again rudely greeted by the United Airlines gate attendant who said we were too late the gate was closed. The time was 7:49 AM. The flight did not leave until 7:55 AM. My plane was still on the ground and had not left but the UA attendant refused to let us board. The flight was overbooked and our seats were given to someone else. He was unwillingly to help me with any further information and told me to go down to gate 71A to Customer Service. In the first place, this was not the customer service area. After I found the customer service area on my own. I had to wait for over 30 minutes in line which caused me to miss the next connecting flight to Washington DC (Dulles). Up to this point everyone with UA had been totally incompetent and rude. As I approached customer service I was greeted by Christine who was actually very nice and tried to help me with my dilemma. Unfortunately, all flights were booked except for one at 10:00PM. So, basically I was supposed to leave at 7:55 AM on flight UA 946 and now I am leaving at 10:22 PM on flight UA 44. 14 hours lay over in the LA airport. I repeatedly asked for some sort of compensation but was denied.

So, let's recap the situation. Departing flight form GSP Airport was canceled and we had to leave the next day, robbing me of a day of vacation, a $500 a night hotel room and a rental car. The return trip connecting flight was missed due to United Airlines and overbooking all of their flights which caused us a 14 hour lay over in the Los Angeles airport. All personnel with United Airlines with the exception of Christine in Los Angeles was either rude or incompetent.

6/20/09 Sent online complaint form to:

Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings
U.S. Department of Transportation
400 Seventh Street, SW, Room 4107
Washington, DC 20590

Twitter: UntiedAirline

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i totally agree they are suck

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read these comments with great interest ... and I need to add, to many people these may seem like exaggerations , but I am actually a very even tempered reasonable person and unfortunately it is pretty much in line with my experiences with United Airlines. I used to be many times over a United 1K flier, and 95% international. But had several mind boggling incidents with totally reprehensible service issues with UAL, so I voted with my wallet , and I will no longer touch them .. and for the record, I used to spend approx $70K per year .. that is how much I travel. Now I fly almost exclusively JL, TG or SQ and I could not be happier ... cheaper prices, newer equipment, in most cases superb customer service .. and most of the time even the food is OK. And the flight attendants actually look like they could help, if there ever were, God forbid, an emergency. So hey United Airlines... here is my right hand middle finger right in your face.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a United Premier member for years, however United has finally lost a loyal customer. I'll spare you the ugly details, just read the other posts and imagine an another airline nightmare that was avoidable at numerous times but made worse by unprofessional incompetence (and that's being nice). Goodby United, may you rot in hell.

1:36 PM  
Blogger latoya said...

united airlines suck ass big time!! omg they overbooked my flight and couldnt find me another one how stupid is that!! now i see why people go ape on their asses they fucking suck ass!! never again will i fly with their asses!

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

United Sucks!!

I leave in less than 48 hours traveling with 11 high school students and United still has not provided our E-tickets! We paid well over 1 month ago $7k for all of us.

Shame on you United!

6:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have flown American Airlines for years. I'm in my late 30's but already hit a million miles flown (I was exec plat for 5 years in a row). I recently began working for a new company who uses United only (good news is, I pay half my expenses which means if AA is less $, I can push back and fly them). I had the travel agent quote AA and UAL. Sadly, United came out WAY lower in price so I had no case and had to book my business travel with them. I had not flown them in about 8 years as I HATE United. So, the travel agency got me a status match, which means I look like I am their "premium executive" status. I show up on time, stand in line at the "premium" check in, to screens? AA has REAL people. So, I'm a little surprised. I do the check in then wait. And wait, for 1 person to finally walk over and put my luggage tag on and check my bag. I then head over to the "premium" security check line (which takes all of 10 minutes to get through on a busy day at AA-O'Hare)snaking down for miles. So, I go to the regular line. It takes me 35 minutes plus to get through! I'm not hitting boarding time. I sprint through and have to take 3 moving walkways, escalators, etc to get to my gate. As I come around the corner, in 3 inch heels, the woman behind the counter says very loudly and in NOT a nice way "are you Miss mylastname". I say yes, she says in a VERY rude tone "you are the last person to board". I'm mortified, I explain that the security line was quite long. There are about 12 people watching this. She snaps at me "well, everyone else made it in time". I'm so embarrassed but board with my tail between my legs and walk onto the jet bridge to see...PEOPLE standing in LINE! The flight was not even fully boarded and that is the way she spoke to me?! With that status, I sat in a seat at the back of the plane. I cannot understand why anyone would fly them, especially business people with a choice. They are THE worst airline I've ever flown on. I might get in trouble, but I will not be flying with them in the future. I'll book my travel a month out to ensure AA is cheaper. Never again will I fly them, never.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife and I just barely made it on the plane and they kicked us off because they said that there was no room for our bags. We had small backpacks that would have fit under our seats, but they wouldn't let us take our seats. Then as we're walking back to the terminal from the plane they start moving the jetway when we're still inside of it!

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without a doubt the worst US airline and that says something. I have been a Global Service member since it's inception. Service decline is palpable. Union is destroying this airline. Employees hate management just talk to them
Mt flying is all international premium and I am treated like scum. Sorry for the rest of you. Little Lord Jeffrey please don't worry about mergers get out there and talk to your customers. They are at wits end. I expect charges to use the toilet any day now. A once great airline under misguided leadership. You will see a mutiny from your premium passengers shortly. Sad, but I will celebrate your demise,

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unorganized, slow, only two agents attempting to help people from 2 cancelled flights, lost luggage, hold times of over 40 minutes on phone, multiple hang ups, run around on the phone trying to refund ticket and find luggage. Hate them with a passion. On my last flight the CEO made a little speech and all he had to say was that they've "repainted hundreads of planes". Wow, too bad your service still SUCKS dude!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous lorimac said...

United Airlines is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! They cancelled a flight, not due to weather, which caused me to miss work, spend $200 on a hotel and dinner and $60 on a taxi ride. They are unresponisive, unprofessional and I hope they lose business until they are no more. Why Continental would want to take this joke on is beyond me. We need a class action lawsuit.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Nadir T. said...

My flight was cancelled today due to "mechanical issues". I grilled the ticket lady saying I needed to get out of Paris. As with every other employee, she acted as if she was doing me a favor by rebooking me on a flight that leaves 22 hours after the one I booked. And what do they gove me? A stay at some airport hotel and some meal vouchers. Okay? That's it? I asked for some sort of reimbirsement, but thy denied it being their fault. A mechanical issue jot being their fault?? All I wanted was to get out of Paris but now I'm stuck in the rathole for one more night due to UAL arrogance. If they aren't perfect tomorrow they are going to have one hell of a day dealing with my anger. Never will I fly United. Complete garbage.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Rong X said...

Cherish Life, Avoid United!
I flew on United from Shanghai to LAX recently with my toddler daughter. It was the worst flight I've ever been on during my lifetime. They confiscated our water at the gate (note, not the security checkpoint) and did not provide any until more than 1 hours after take off. My daughter was crying due to dehydration, nobody responded to the call button (what a joke!) When I asked for help putting a backpack to the overhead cabin, can you guess what the flight attendant said?
" why don't you ask other passengers for help?" Yeah, right, do they share your paycheck too?
Worst airline ever, parents with kids, avoid United as a plaque, there are too many better airlines out there!

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This airline absolutely sucks. Spent all day trying to find someone that had a brain and spoke English well enough to communicate on the telephone. No such luck. I went so far as to put out an e-mail informing clients and associates that we will no longer provide airport pick-up or delivery if they fly United. Hope they go out of business.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree...I actually had a United ticket agent LAUGH at me when I asked a question regarding a confusing code share....I will never fly United again and now they've ruined Continental, too....that used to be a good airline.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohmigod that story is sooo horrible and so realistic. I don't know why United sucks so bad but it does and now it's practically a monopoly. I used to be so happy with Continental. I talked to the people at Continental a few months before the merger and said, why are you doing this, you are the best and they are the worst, and they said, That's how we feel about it too, please send a letter. United is the big bully of the airline playground. They suck so bad.

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My biggest mistake for my trip was that I booked with United. I had to change the flight and it cost me more than the cost of the ticket, then due to work issues I couldn't even use the ticket. I paid over $300 for a flight I never took. I booked with Southwest and got a fully-refundable, changeable flight with more legroom. United NEVER AGAIN!

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will NEVER fly United Again. I left my ipad in the magazine rack and obviously one of the stewards or cleaners would've found it. So I called United and got some extremely rude southern guy who kept on cutting me off and raising his voice at me. He had the audacity to tell me to file a police report if I thought the stewards took it! F*CK United Airlines. And the flight itself was ten degrees too hot and a million other complaints.
I'm telling everyone I know not to fly United.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As i read these post i can agree with you all 100%. as an employee or like managment treats us an number, i am discussed at what United has become. More of these complaints should be sent to the BOD. After Glen Tilton, previous CEO stole $100 mil in compensation to screw all the employees throught bankruptcy, we get another clown from Continental, Jeff Smallsack! All he is worried about is filling his pockets up, take the $14 mill to get the SOC done even when the reservation system was not ready. These crooks should be thrown in jail! They have fucked up the lives of thousands of employees, passangers and this great company. Please, dont book on this airline untill they get their act together, which maybe will be never!!!!!!

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While my story is not that awful, I still hate united with a burning passion. Our flight (myself, boyfriend, brother, and parents (of which my mom is handicap) had a hour delay on our flight from Albany to Newark. They would not let us get on a later flight to fort Lauderdale (our end destination) because they said they would hold our plane for us. Ummmm bullshit! They over sold the flight and happily left without us. There were 15 of us that they left behind. We have no clue where our luggage is, sleptat a hotel with literally nothing but what we were wearing all travel day, and now to get home have to travel to Miami and take a cab to fort Lauderdale where our car is parked.
Never again. Never again!!!!

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a former Continental pilot, I feel your pain. On merger day, NO ONE at CAL jumped for joy. We all knew a merger was coming, but not with a LOSER!!! ON BEHALF OF ALL FORMER CONTINENTAL EMPLOYEES, WE APOLOGIZE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS FOR YOUR TROUBLES!!!

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to travel 40 weeks a year. 90% of that travel on Continental out of Houston. What a great airline with conscience employees and flight attendants. Haven't traveled in a year since the company I worked for was bought by MARS. Yea, the candy people. (They suck too) Within weeks of the United take over of Continental things started going to shit. The first clue was rude obnoxious flight attendant (United bred)! I flew last week and the outbound flight attendant was some rude little pick from Chicago that mumbled. The return flight was a middle age lady that actually smiled. It's easy to tell the original Continental employees from United employees. Continental employees still care. If you really want to express your feelings when flying and run into one of the rude flight attendants ( be it male, female, or shim). Ask the rude ones if they are United employees. It really pisses them off. Thank the polite helpful ones for being a Continental employee. They appreciate it and you'll get a big smile. They aren't allowed to admit it but you'll know and it will make there day because they hate United as much as we do.
Continental was the best and United is by far the worst. Jeff Small sack Go to Hell!

10:52 PM  
Anonymous D. Conti said...

Don't fall for the credit card scam. Why they haven't been sued or prosecuted is beyond me. They get you to sign up for their United Airlines credit card card by promising that your baggage fees will be waived if you use your card when buying your tickets. When you get to the airport there is no record and they act like they have no knowledge of the program. So you have to pay the fees. When you complain after the fact they play dumb and you get a run around. When you file a credit card dispute, they lie, play dumb (something they do quite well) again and you are left paying the charges. It's a scam plain and simple.

9:19 PM  

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