Finding My Way

Why can't I find the answers I'm looking for? I'm tired, and yet I need to keep going.

Thank goodness my husband and I have had some vacations in mind for awhile. Tomorrow we will head down the road to Carlsbad Caverns to take a nice break. We have been planning this for 3 months... A day to drive down, a day to go on some small private tours, and a day to drive back.

Just get me out of the house and away from everything. That's what I need. That's what he needs. I know we'll talk a lot about stuff that's been going on in our lives at work - since it seems so hard to get out of work at a reasonable time to have any energy left to talk. We'll take a ton of pictures and bring back some great memories.

I just can't believe Thanksgiving has basically come & gone, and our 4th Anniversary is just a blink away. My mother told me time would go faster as I got older, and she was right. It scares me to see everything happening so fast. Friends are starting families, others have toddlers, my oldest nephew turned 18 a day ago, and my knees are cracking when I get out of bed. Bah Humbug!


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