What Crime?

An interesting topic came up today at lunch... so I thought I'd post a quick query for my readers. Please answer the following question:

If you were to be convicted of a crime, what crime would it be and how long do you think you would be in prison?

For me - - It would probably be Burgulary. I'd be part of some elaborate plot involving a bank robbery, but the authorities wouldn't realize it was me until after I had fled the country and was living life in some tropical paradise. They'd never catch me, so no jail sentence here!


Blogger Derek Knight said...

what is it when you kill someone on accident? Manslaughter?


8:12 AM  
Anonymous grill said...

OK, I change my mind. I originally thought white-collar crime was the way to go here (see jen's previous post, comments) and opted for insider trading. However, circumstances on election day are compelling me to change my mind -- I think it would need to be manslaughter now for me too.

See, I'm freelancing in an ad agency this week in DC, and this place, while it specializes in common-good-type non-profit organizations (direct mail give-us-money campaigns mostly), for some reason the DNC has made THIS office their center for operations to "get out the vote" (read: be real aggressive and stop as many rush-hour commuters heading for or leaving the trains as possible, and try to buy votes with coffee and donuts. The jerks.) I told some bozo out on the street to shove his little papers that he was so eagerly waving in my face this morning, which has been happening consistently for a few weeks now This IS DC after all. Guess where said bozo is now?? Yep. In the conference room down the hall, eating a lunch that i think this company provided.

I wouldnt really care so much if the MD and VA election campaigns hadnt gotten so ugly -- there were bitch slaps on coming from both sides, but i found that some of the banter directed at military was just disgusting. That happened to come from the Dem side, from jim webb's camp, whose election i'm not even entitled to vote in -- its the VA race. And, our office guests have been very rude and pushy so far, and the've been here for a mere 3 hours so far...

So, if me and one of these people just happened to be looking down an empty elevator shaft today on the way home... oops! Sorry, i was just reaching for my smartcard to get on the train!

Manslaughter too. Killin' by "accident".

9:08 AM  
Blogger Conqueress said...

With all of the evil jiggly beeyatches in the world, it may be Manslaughter for me too. Fat whores just don't know when to STFU and dissappear.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous monkey said...

Murder most foul!
Naturally ;)

Wait, wait... What's the crime called for selective genocide? Not by race or creed, but by level of stupidity?

1:49 PM  

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