Conquests - Part 9

I have seen a UFO.

When I was in High School , my dad traveled overseas a lot as an independent contractor for Interstate Brands Corp. For anyone outside of the baking industry, IBC is the company that makes Zingers and Sweetheart Bread. Basically, my father was the man with the plan - he could go into a bare building, or look at a blueprint, and calculate (within 1 foot of material) exactly how much material was needed to install a bakery conveyer system. As an independent contractor, he traveled the world building massive conveyer systems.

Since he was away from home often for 2 months, then home for a week, my mother and I made due - - feeding the horses & peacocks, plowing the snow, sawing down trees, and splitting fire wood. It was just the two of us, but our home was our haven... the log house made strange sounds in the wind, the wood stove would sing along, and trees would clatter on the windows, but it was familiar and we liked it that way.

One summer night as I was getting ready for bed I looked out my window and saw a strange glow in the horse pasture. Thinking a neighbor was out with a spotlight trying to poach deer in the middle of the night, I got pissed off and went downstairs, grabbed the shotgun, and got ready to head out and scare the village idiot. My mother called for me to come into her room - - and something in her voice made me nervous. I set the gun down, and walked down the hall.

As soon as I entered her room, I noticed the glow was in fact coming from our horse pasture (only 30 yards off the back of our house) but it wasn't a spotlight at all. We both stood dumbfounded.

There glowing light sphere hanging light a light bulb right over the small field. From the window we were looking out it seemed to be about 50 feet in the air, sitting at the same height as the treetops nearby. Our horses were standing at their feeding bins munching away obliviously, but the field was lit up bright as day - - in the middle of the night! It wasn't frightening, but not comfortable to see either.

After a few minutes, the light faded from the field, and the glowing ball went shooting up into the night sky. I can't explain it, I've never been able to... but there it is. Keep a copy of this story to blackmail me if I ever run for political office :-P


Anonymous GRILL said...

The UFO was lucky it was someone as open minded as you & your mom -- I would have flipped out, and probably got abdcuted...

Regarding the crime/prison question... I think I'd have to be sent up for insider trading, and come out of prison all yoga-d up and ready to hit the ground running, like our ol' buddy martha stewart. Not that I'm a big fan of hers or think what she did was remotely right or ethical. But she was treated pretty much like an icon in prison, and she and her homegirls on the (cell) block were trading decorating tips and pointers on how not to get busted turning tricks on main street... Then when she was released from prison, got to wear her pretty ankel bracelet/GPS home arrest device for a few months and the media basically made a martyr of her... so, with success being pretty much guaranteed AFTER prison, what's the incentive to NOT commot the crime of insider trading and get rich? Martha, despite her finacial losses over the past few years, is still relatively rich, and personally i think came out of prison smelling rather rosey... bet she'd it again too.

So, I'd have to say insider trading. ;-)

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