Conquests - Part 10

I have raced Stock Cars.

In Montana, people have this strange obsession with their cars. I, too, was guilty of obsessing over a certain 1957 Jeep Willie's Truck, but that's a story for another time.

The radio station I worked for had a fundraiser every fall at a 3/4 mile racetrack outside of Polson, MT. The fun part for DJs was that we could either help at the booth, or be in the race if we found a sponsor to let us drive their cars. I happened to have been friends with a couple of kids from Polson back when I was in High School, and it just so happened that one of them had a stock car they raced regularly at the track our fundraiser was to be held at. A little flirting and a case of beer later, I had a car to race... I was thrilled!!!!

The day of the event was stormy, and just when it looked as though everything would be cancelled due to "slippery" conditions - - the sun came out, a bright double rainbow arched over the mountains the served as the backdrop to the track, and we were back on! I had an '88 Chevy Camaro, V8 with a custom B&M shifter, and at the time Montana had no speed limits, so I knew how to drive a hot car.

The race began with a rolling start, and DJs from all over the region were battling on the racetrack. It was an incredible rush! Fifty laps on smooth asphalt ended with me taking a close second to a DJ who was driving his own stock car. Oh, yeah, and we raised about $5,000 for the local charity ;-)


Blogger Debra said...

Alright, I'm jealous. Great job on the raising money for the charity, but damn it I'm still jealous! haha

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Blogger Debra said...

Hey! Before I forget- Stop by and leave us some love. We should be getting some attention tomorrow so the more the merrier!

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Anonymous grill said...

!!! AWESOME!!! Racing day with Audi was super fun, termed "safety training day" so if you crack up your car by accident, your insurance would still cover it. Great, conservative thinkin' there. It was taught, however, by racecar drivers. By the end of the day, we were all figuring out what that one sweet spot was on the now-closed Pikes Peak International Raceway to get the most gravity to really fling you onto the track -- it was really friggin' awesome! And, your experience sounds even awesome-ER! YEAH! kgh

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