Trouble With Tribbles

It is a very windy day today... windy with blowing dust. Every time I breathe in I get a gritty, dirty taste in my mouth. It's monsoon season in Colorado, so every night we've had fantastic rain showers daily. Today I'm looking outside and all I can see is a wall of dust.

Upon visiting a local weather page... the following popped up:
It looks like a normal weather information blurb except for the picture that depicts dust in the air. Now when I look at that little graphic, I see the following:
Upon arriving home tonight I found a 6' wall of giant of windblown timbleweeds along my fence-line - - and that really is the trouble with tribbles...


Blogger laurel said...

Thanks for your well wishes.

My brother actually lived in Colorado Springs a few years back. Now he is in Denver. Funny coincidence.

I can't imagine how dry it must be. It is damp and raining here everyday in the tropics.

7:49 PM  

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